Help! I can't decide!

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  1. Hello ladies, I have decided that my purse collection is in need of a coach, but I am having trouble deciding between the (Coach - OPTIC SIGNATURE BABY BAG) and the ( Coach - HOLIDAY PATCHWORK GALLERY TOTE) I would very much appreciate it if you would give me your opinions on which one you like better:yes:. Btw, I am 19 years old if you would like to take age into consideration.
  2. what will you be using it for? school or work?

    because those two bags will hold two entirely different things...i have a baby bag i use for school for all my books...but i would get a gallery tote for just about everything else on a daily basis. kwim?
  3. Me, I love the patchwork tote. I do think the optic is pretty, if you are a "pink" person that would look great come spring. Which one do you see yourself getting more use out of?
  4. Good point, I just read the measurements and the optic is considerably bigger.
  5. I would be using it for school.
  6. i like the size and mild structure of all of their gallery bags. serves me well. and books fit well. folders too.