Help I can't decide!

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  1. I've been going back and fourth between a Favorite MM and a Delightful PM. I know that they are two completely different bags but I just cannot decide which I should choose. I already have a monogram NF MM and a monogram Speedy 35. I've thought about getting something in DE but nothing is catching my eye. On a daily basis, I usually just carry my wallet, iPhone 5, hand sanitizer, small makeup bag and car keys. I've lurked clubhouses for both already, and I'm open to suggestions. Just wanna hear other thoughts/opinions/suggestions =)

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  2. Delightful PM! I like a full size bag!
  3. I say Favorite PM based on what you carry -- also, when you need to carry more than usual, you have your NF MM. :smile:
  4. I like pic #1
  5. Favorite
  6. I like them both, but the Favorite would be a smaller bag to have since you already have a NF and a Speedy. Plus, with the Favorite you can be dressy with the chain strap or on the go out and about with the crossbody strap.
  7. Agree :smile:
  8. Delightful PM.
  9. Delightful PM
  10. +1 You took the words right out of my mouth.
  11. I really love the Delightful but would have to agree with this. The Favorite would give your collection more variety. Especially since the NF and Delightful could serve the same purpose.
  12. If your lifestyle allows you to carry such a small beauty like Favorite and it's what you love better - go for it.
    Otherwise - Delightful is the choice. Good luck to you with making The decision. :;): :ghi5:
  13. I own a favorite MM if u plan on fitting ur makeup bag in the favorite it won't work it could hold a long wallet, phone, keys, n ur hand sanitizer. That's pretty much it. If u want an ebene bag may I recommend u get the speedy Bandouliere in the 25? Just bc u said u were interested in an ebene print bag.

  14. My thoughts!
  15. Favorite!!