HELP- I can't decide ...

Oct 11, 2010
Ever since I saw the praline, I knew I wanted to have a bag in that color. However, I can't decide if I should get a city or a work. I already have a city, and I love the shoulder strap that the work doesn't have. I would like to carry my ipad in it, and sometimes I carry some paperwork. I am 5'2 and I am worried that the work will be too big ... HELP ME CHOSE ONE PLEASE!!!

Does any one have modeling pics of both styles on?
can you carry the work on your shoulder??
will work be too big on me since I'm 5'2?
can the ipad fit comfortably along with some other stuff in the city? work?



Oct 5, 2008
I think the City may be better for you, especially because you love the shoulder strap. But if you don't really need the strap, the Work is also a great choice since it's a lot more roomier. The handles on the Work are long enough to be worn on the shoulder and I don't think it'll be too big for you.

You can always find mod pics of the City & the Work in the Photos wearing your Bbags thread and check out this thread: "Shorties with biggies: model your bags! (petite frames with works & weekenders)". HTH!
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Oct 29, 2010
I'm a fan of City bags and also 5'2. Every day, I carry a notebook, planner, sunglasses, a small make-up bag, and more in my City and everything fits fine. The strap is definitely a plus! But if you want to mix things up, I think it would be great to have a Work as part of your collection.


Apr 5, 2009
I like the shoulder strap on the city but I rarely use it. If the shoulder strap is a deal breaker than maybe you should consider a Velo. It's like a bigger city/smaller work. It has a longer shoulder strap that could be worn crossbody (something to think about too because it could hang too low on you because of your height some have taken their Velos to a cobblers to have teh strap shortened). I have no problem carrying my Ipad in my City but I don't carry a whole lot to begin with. If you carry a lot or like to have a lot of extra room with a Ipad a City might be a tight squeeze. Obviously the Work can fit your Ipad and tons of stuff but no shoulder strap. If you want a size comparison I posted some pics on this thread, some of which have my Ipad which is stored in a Incase inside for reference. Hope that helps you get a idea how much room you have size wise with a Ipad. Or you could consider the PartTime, a bit roomier than a City plus you still have the shoulder strap.
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K 28 size reference
Mar 27, 2010
The RED and this PINK are both WORKS. But the darker one looks smaller.
I will not get another light Work because of my size. But I love this one anyway.




Jul 20, 2008
Maxxout looks so adorable on both City & Work. I think U won't know it unles you've tried the work on in person, because i'm also petite like you & i thought i need a bigger bag like work until i owned 1. It was too big for me, so i have to sell it & stick w/ the Cities. Velo is not too bad, i like it more than the PTs.


Oct 4, 2010
I'd say go for the work. since you already have a city, work is another good if not better alternative if you tend to stuff your bag with bigger items. Plus maxxout's mod pix really shows how a work bag would look on a frame like yours! It's simply fabulous. I think work looks really good carrying on the shoulder too:smile:


GGH Searching
Sep 25, 2008
I think the city may be a better choice for you, I'm petite like you at 5 ft tall and once owned a Electric Blue SGH Work and found it way overwhelming on my frame.
maxxout, gorgeous pics! :tup: I always thought you were taller than that, like 5'10" at least! :wtf:

I would say a Work too, for days when you have more to carry. A broken in Work slouches beautifully and ends up looking much smaller than it really is. Pick a RH Work, so that it's nice and lightweight.

Alternatively, if you prefer the shoulder strap, you can look at the Part Time or Maxi Twiggy, both of which have bigger capacities than the City, but still smaller than a Work.

Velo would be another option, except that the crossbody strap would be too long for you.