HELP! I can't decide!

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  1. Hi
    First let me tell you that I come from Begië and that my english is terrible, especially when writing. I'm very sorry!
    But necessity knows no law.
    I have a Birkin 40cm orange with gold hardware. Now I want to buy me a smaller Birkin with silver hardware. I have browsed hundreds of times the sample book but I can not choose.

    I am a man of twenty, like brown, black and white colors. Crocodile would be something for me? Let's say ... Price does not matter.The orange Birkin I have not chosen, it was a gift. So I had no choice. Perhaps you could tell me what suits me? I am desperate ...:confused1::confused1::confused1:
    Much love
  2. Olivier, I would consider black or graphite - will go with everything and looks classic and understated. Also, if I were you I would go with regular leather for your birkin... perhaps a briefcase in exotic leather one day when you are a bit older? Just my two cents - good luck.
  3. Well Olivier, as you are a guy I'd say go for at least a 35 otherwise it'll look like you're carrying a woman's bag. How about the HAC in a 40? As far as colors go, going by the colors you like, I'd say get Alezan (if still available) which is a lovely light brown tone with taupe undertones (like a mixture of gold and etoupe). Good luck deciding!
  4. I agree that a 40 HAC should be the smallest size. Marc Jacobs rocks a HAC (I think) in vert olive, which is a great neutral color.
  5. Hi again

    The reason I want a smaller because he weighs less. Graciella Lulilu as well say it is probably better if I take at least a 35.

    The hardware I would prefer the silver, and it would go perfectly with Alezan 35 HAC. Like Marc Jacobs, I love Marc!
    I venture over googling for pictures of Marc and his Birkin.

    Thanks in advance! When I decided I will let you know, further sugestions are always welcome!:biggrin:
    Much love

    The special one: Ghost Birkin
  6. Dark olive green is what I gave my husband as a gift with an Hermes briefcase. It's a very nice color when you want something a little more bold than black.
  7. I adore Graphite----it's fantastic for men!
  8. Wow, graphite and olive green! They are simply beautiful for a man. I think Marc Jacobs has the green, no?
    What do you think of realy hard red for a man? That was also a twist in my case ...
    Lots of love
  9. I think a red would also be great. :yes:
  10. Marc Jacobs Birkin is Vert Veronese. Vert Bronze/Graphite/Indigo/Ebene/Black would all look very beautiful. I agree that a hac looks perfect on a guy and very stylish. Good luck with your choice.