HELP! I cant decide!

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  1. Ok so its time for a new bag and I just cant decide on what bag to get! So many bags so little $$$.

    Here is the problem:

    I am fairly new to the LV Vernis line. My first and only vernis bag is my Rosewood in pomme. I gravitate to these bags now! I LVOE it because not too many women in my "age grp 21-25 " are sporting them and they are super classy. When I go out with the Speedy...its EVERYWHERE.

    I have been promising myself forever, ok the next bag is going to be a Chanel Classic and then something else catches my eye. Im not worried about having to rush and get the Chanel because...its Classic! Its always there.

    So now the 3 bags at the top of my wishlist are Sobe Clutch, Alma MM, Chanel Classic. I really want the Sobe Clutch in Amarante and Alma MM in Blue Nuit (or vise versa). I don't want them to sell out while Im recovering from the Chanel. /sigh

    Ultimately the question is, should I add more to the vernis collection or get a classic Chanel? I think both Alma and the Classic are timeless so it hard. Feel free to look at my collection to see what "fits in".
  2. It's time for a Chanel. You won't regret it! I love the Alma MM in Bleu Nuit and think that the Alma is a classic but I'm afraid it might look a bit mature for you. Have fun deciding!
  3. I have a similar problem. I am between black epi Alma and Chanel (can't decide which one yet). I guess I am not a big help, since I can't decide myself. But at least you know you are not alone;) Let us know what you decide!
  4. You totally need a Chanel. Get a caviar jumbo flap as you're after a classic. You won't regret it. I'm not sure about how often price increases are for chanel but you should get it before prices go up.
    Diversify your collection. Good luck in choosing ;)
  5. Which one is the sobe clutch? Is that the new LE vernis clutch with the huge LV logo on the front? I was looking at that bag at the boutique the other day and I love it

    I agree Chanel is more classic but they have gorgeous seasonal bags as well!
  6. Get a chanel classic or reissues, it is a pure luxury! I got my reissue 2.55 and so happy with it and now I have a classic on the waiting list. If the classic you desire is available, just grab it! :biggrin:
  7. Classic Chanel, as you will use it longer. Either use it for day or night you can't go wrong.
    Believe me I've been there, since I introduced myself to Chanel I sold almost all of my LV collection.
  8. From reading your post, it seems like you're leaning towards the LV. Get what you think you'll be 100% happy with & fits into your lifestyle (more use out of). If it's the LV, then go for that one. Personally, I would get a classic Chanel. I think it's a better investment for me. Only get the Chanel if you think you're going to use it a lot. Otherwise, you can always get it later on. Why not go back into the boutique & try on those bags again? If you're still unsure, you should take pics & post it on here. The ladies here will tell you what they think.
  9. ^ Me too! Now I only have a few limited edition LVs left & a ton of Chanels. I'm so glad I made the move & I've never looked back since.
  10. me 3rd!!! i'm only holding on to 4 LV's bec of the memories i've had behind them and 1 to keep for a sturdy throw-around bag.... i guess i got tired of carrying that many logos on a bag... chanel, chanel... you won't regret it!:graucho: