Help..I can't decide

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  1. I think I want this shoe but I don't know what color....I think I want the Cream with black toe....only cause I don't see them as much. But I don't have any Navy pumps. Well black is always classic. HUMMM!
  2. I like the second ones. I like the contrast of the red.
  3. I like the third pair a lot.
  4. third pair for sure :smile:
  5. Im going to be different and say I like the 1st one best LOL I saw it in NM here and it was cute. I'm also partial to that camel color.
  6. i absolutely love the third pair
  7. Oh no. They're coming back to haunt me... :P I just returned the tan ones yesterday to Barneys. Those were the ones that fit too big. This style seems to run large. I'm a size 5, but was only able to find the 5.5 and they felt like a 6 (even with the insole).

    I really like ALL of them, but I think the navy with the red/burgundy tip is really nice.
  8. I have the camel with red toe (not pictured) but really wanted the navy with bugundy toe. The camel color is pretty in real life, but when you find a great navy shoe.....
  9. I like the last two more. the first one looks a little weird to me- the almost nude color blends in with your legs/feet, but then with the black toe, something looks off. just my opinion though.

    if you want a shoe with the nude effect, I'd get a different style- VP, Yoyo, Ron Ron, Clichy...
  10. My vote is the second ones. I also asked my husband, just to get a guy's opinion...:shrugs: he also picked the blue/red.
  11. I really like the blue and red myself. :smile:
  12. Definitely blue and red but I'm biased -- that's the pair that I have! I love the color combo and it helps that those are my alma matter's colors!
  13. hummm....I think the black are out. I bought the tan....and I think I will buy the blue too.
    Red is my fav color and I don't have navy shoes. So I think both. :smile: