HELP! I can't decide!!!

  1. I have never been so completely torn by 2 bags before. Please vote on which b bag you prefer and tell me why you would choose that one. Hopefully, they will both be sold out by the time I make up my mind!!!!

    Vernice Matrix $1499.00 (I am also secretly hoping the price will go down at least one more time...)

    Wrinkled Leather $899.00

  2. ooops. forgot to include the poll! D'oh! I need a MOD! Someone help!
  3. you like them both equally? If not what do you like about each one? I had to really look at them for a while..I think I'd choose the first one. There's less attention on the buckles, plus I think it would look good with my wardrobe.
  4. I like the Wrinkled Leather and it's $600 Cheaper as well.

  5. Same here even if the other one is gorgeous too but I think more to look at than with wardrobe the first is classy and fussfree!:tup:
  6. Definitely wrinkled leather.
  7. wrinkled leather.. i agree with the rest that it looks classier and will go with more stuff.
    the vernice has too much going for it.. it looks very gothic/western depending or how you look at I think it may date...
    The B bag is a beautiful bag given its graceful structure and form.. so less is more when it comes to the my humble opinion
  8. good responses. keep em coming ladies....still on the fence....
  9. I agree! The color is much more beautiful also. That two tone effect is gorgeous. :tup:
  10. another wrinkled leather vote here ;)

    gorgeous bag!
  11. Wrinkled leather for me too. I like few/no frills too.
  12. They are both beautiful, but I would go with the wrinkled leather, it's beauty is subtle.
  13. So have you made a decision yet???
  14. Wrinkled Leather!

  15. here here!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool: