Help ~ I can't decide which purse to buy??????????

  1. Okay, I have been checking out eBay for the past week - trying to decide which purse I should purchase (this is be my 1st LV purchase) and I can't get over how much people are paying online for USED LV's - when they might as well just order one NEW -for a couple hundred dollars more!!! I have been a GUCCI/BUURBERRY junkie up until this point.

    I also learned something tonight, it's so much cheaper to order from eluxury than going directly to the store -NO SALES TAX (CA people and somewhere else they do, but not where I live) ~ BONUS!!! Just $12.95 shipping. :wlae:

    Well, I think I found the purse I want to order but I just wanted your opinion on which purse I should go with -I am really leaning towards the Batignolles Vertical.

    Louis VuittonBatignolles Vertical

    Louis VuittonBatignolles Horizontal

    #3 - Monogram Alma

    #4 - Cabas Piano

    I will probably go with the Batignolles Vertical but would love to hear your opinion....THANKS!!!

  2. I prefer the BV over the BH, I've got both and BV definitely sees a lot more action ! :yes:

    And hey, check out ****** as well, you get 4% back for eLux !
  3. I have the BV and thus my vote goes to it. Makes you look taller and slimmer!
  4. OMG - that's RIGHT!!! I signed up yesterday - weren't they doing double rebates then? BUMMER!! Oh well, thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much!! So the BV - okay, I will take that into consideration. Funny thing, I haven't seen either one in person!!! I should go to the store tomorrow and check them out before I order on eluxury and take advantage of the rebate - thanks again for reminding me!!! GOD YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
  5. Batginolles H all the wayyyyy!
  6. Are the BV/BH models new for 2006?
  7. #2 Bh!
  8. from what i've read, most tpfers love the bh. i don't have any of the bags you mentioned, so i don't know. however, a future purchase of mine will be a bh or bv.
  9. I prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. :yes:
  10. I think the BH
  11. Bh! :d
  12. i prefer the Horizontal. the shape of the Vertical is weird to me
  13. sorry to steal this thread for a while...
    I'm also considering those purses.. Do you girls mind sharing why you choose the BH?
  14. BH :yes:
  15. Bv