help! i can't decide. which mini pochette?

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  1. i had my mind set on damier, but now i am torn between all three! well, maybe not mono. everything i have is mono. i am going today to get it because i need something to take my mind off the mizi.

    please help me decide. tia!
  2. I think damier regular looks great! So I vote for that.
  3. hmmmmm... your vote alone helped me make my decision. that's what i was leaning towards anyways. maybe i'll work on an azur piece later.
  4. Yes, damier!
  5. i would go for damier .. do they sell the mini pochette on eluxury? i really want one too they are cute!
  6. i don't think so. i check everyday! i did see the azur once!

    (ooh my 100th post!)
  7. I love the damier azur mini pochette...i really want one!
  8. Damier!
  9. can't get the mono with the cute gold chain out of my head.... such an adorable little piece! but alas, no mono for you, huh? regular damier over azur andd\ maybe perfo over it all.
  10. All are cute, what else do you have...what will match best your other pieces?
  11. definantely damier!! or azur.. if you were considering that also?
  12. i have a small collection. mostly mono pieces and that's why i thought about venturing into damier.

    here's what i have:
    epi black pochette
    pochette croissant
    french purse

    TA DA!

    i would like to use the mini for when i go out.
  13. well i mostly have mono and ever since joining this forum ... i have really started to develop new and expensive taste. luckily, the mini fits in my budget for now (have something bigger i'm saving up for).

    but i can't get the mono out of my head either.
  14. my vote goes to azur! it's so refreshing, it'll pop right out of your mono collection!

    btw, mini might be too small too, to use for going out..depending on waht you put in your purse...the pochette is roomier!
  15. i know... i have read past posts and saw that was an issue. but i decided on the mini b/c i am really loving that gold chain. i think that's what really sold me on getting the smaller bag.