Help! I can't choose! LV or Oscar de la Renta?

  1. So I'm going to buy 1 last bag for 2007 and I want it to be really special! I have a dilemma because i'm in love with 2 very beautiful and different bags!

    1) Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Motard Biker (marron or black?)
    2) Oscar de la Renta Larrabe Metallic Python Bag in Oxidize...(the picture is of Victoria Beckham carrying the bag and it looks so shimmery in the sun!)

    I love LV but I have this python obssession right now...and the Oscar de la Renta bag is the most beautiful bag EVER! Mmmm...but I have never bought a Oscar de la Renta bag they tend to go on sale and how does the value of the bag hold up???
    louis-vuitton-alligator-marron-motard-biker-bag.jpg louis-vuitton-alligator-black-motard-biker-bag.jpg victoria-beckham-python-handbag.jpg
  2. Both bags are trendy, so I would go with the Oscar de la Renta. It is gorgeous.
  3. i like the oscar de la renta
  4. I love the LV limited editon....either color is beautiful to me!!! goodluck! I wish i had that dilema....:girlsigh:
  5. I like the Black LV. I think it is just gorgeous!
  6. Both bags are gorgeous! :drool: I prefer the LV as it's less trendy.
  7. I love the LV in maroon :drool:
  8. I like the LV LE Motard Biker better, but it's just me. If you already have everything, then the Oscar de la Renta would be the best choice then. For me, that gold color is not very practical since I cannot carry it to work everyday. But for sure, both of them are pieces of art.
  9. I think both bags are gorgeous. But for myself, I would probably choose the Oscar de la Renta. I don't own any of his bags though, so I can't tell you how the value holds up. I have seen some of his bags on sale (not long ago, on his own website, for instance, if I am not mistaken?) but I can't tell you if all of his bags tend to go on sale. Somehow, I doubt it.
  10. the oscar de la renta is gorgeous!! get that bag. the black LV just doesn't hold up next to the python bag.. but i'm biased because i love all things shimmery!
  11. Both bags are beautiful! But I like the LV (in marron) more than the python. You can wear the LV w/more outfits.
  12. I'm against python bags ever since I read an article on how they get the skin from the poor pythons. so LV
  13. Definitely LV LE Motard Biker. Definitely.
  14. i would get the LV, i think you will get more use out of it
  15. I LOVE both of these bags! What a fantastic dilemma! I think I might be leaning towards to the LV though...