Help! I can choose one bag....

  1. my brother is going to East Europe and London on a work trip for a few weeks and has said he will buy me ONE handbag and one only.

    Here's the thing, i have no idea what to say, i mean any handbag i want ive got online. Does anyone have any ideas of bags that are cheaper in London/Europe than Australia even after the conversion?

    I was thinking Jimmy Choo but then i realised the conversion would kill me. Plus he has agreed on a limit of 500US and anything above i have to put in.

    Im not a fan of LV, Gucci etc. I love Chanel but its way too expensive anyway.

    Im not sure if Kooba is available in London but then again i already have a few.

    With that price, it cant be high end designer bags.

    Any help would be much appreciated. If i cant decide ill get him to get me duty free makeup
  2. i like the kooba natashas, Gustto Baca and Parina, Botkier's. Any colour except red and black.

    I need a bag that is neutral as im so lazy and dont change my bags unless i really have too.

    Thats why im thinking bone/brown.

    I just saw a photo of the Botkier medium bianca in cognac and i like it but i also like the gustto baca in rust.

    Im so indecisive but im basing this on photos as i dont have the opportunity to see it IRL.
  3. I second the Tabitha suggestion, they're really nice. Go to to see them and some other bags available in London. There was a thread about British handbag designers not long ago, you could search for that.
  4. To tell you the truth, Belini, with the exchange rate being what it is at the moment, everybody in London is rushing to the States to shop, LOL,

    Unless it's something you just can't get hold of at all, I think you're better off saving your money and shop in the US, the dollar is 2 to the pound at the moment, which it hasn't been for years..we even benefit from it here in Australia..
  5. yes you are absolutely right, the hunt continues for me for that versatile everyday bag.