Help!! I bought something off ebay and Now its being "redirected"....

  1. I dont know what to do...I dont know wether it my address or something else.....but I've been tracking my first purchase (off ebay) and its passed the border and everything and on the day I was suppose to recieve it ( i was doing this all thourgh online tracking) i sat and waited and as most condo the buzzer number is different then the suite number so I was expecting to be left a Tag saying the mail man was here. NO TAG by 5 ( I called CanadaPost office and they said it would be here by 5) so i went online to check what happen and it says "1:13 pm Sent to Recievers new Address" ...I dont have any other address....the sender put exactly what was my confirmed address on my paypal account.

    WHAT dO I DO??
    HAS this HAPPEN TO ANYONE?!?!??!
  2. I'm so sorry MissV. This has never happened to me before, but hopefully it's only a delay/misunderstanding by the CanadaPost. I hope that everything will work out fine and you'll get your stuff soon. Please feel better.:flowers:
  3. That has never happened to me, but from what you are writing, it sounds like a mistake in your local postoffice, as the package was sent to your address and then redirected? You should probably call them, or go to your nearest postoffice and ask them what to do. It's a good thing that you have a tracking number for the package, even if they have sent it somewhere else, they can keep track of it and hopefully you'll have it back soon.
  4. You should call with the tracking number and have them explain what happened to your parcel. A lot of times, the description you get when you track a package is vague or in an obtuse lingo and you need someone at the company to decypher it. The "redirecting" could mean that the address on the package wasn't in the standardized format for the postal service so they had to re-address it in the preferred format.
  5. Did you get the package yet?
  6. Oh no!

    This happened to me once. I got the run around for a long time and in the end it turned out to be a bad Seller who was trying to take advantage of me. I had to report it to eBay and my credit card company and I was reimbursed. The Seller was disciplined by eBay (whatever that means). Make sure you stay on top of this and be ready to file a complaint.

    I hope that everything works out and that this is just a silly customs issue.