HELP!!! I bought on ebay and...

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  1. did you pay for it yet?
  2. if you did pay for it, don't panic yet, email the seller if you can, or she'll probably email you, and you can see what's going on. it could be somthing as simple as the seller didn't pay her ebay fees. I would also email ebay and see what they say

    it is authentic, and if you've paid, it may show up and everything will be great. if not, don't panic, it will work out.

    also note: the mods might move this to the tpf ebay forum, just wanted to give you a heads up
  3. Yes I paid right after, because I did buy it now.. and I am a fast payer...

    her feedback was good..
  4. ok, don't panic yet. like I said it may be something very simple like she didn't pay her fees.

    I would definitely email ebay and ask them what to do, but it is entirely possible that she's already shipped your item and it will show up and everything will be great.

    go to your items i've won section in my ebay, in the action column, click on the dropdown menu next to this item, then click order details. if they shipped the item through paypal a tracking number will be there

    if not, I would email the seller and ask her what's going on. I know you're upset, but please don't panic yet
  5. Thanks for your help. I will let ya'll know when and If I get my wristlet.

    It is so pretty too. I BETTER get it!!!
  6. I agree, don't panic yet! There are silly ways to become no longer a registered user... she could have just forgotten to pay her Ebay fees, or update a credit card! I'm sure there is no reason, to panic yet:smile:
  7. I have had this happen to me before too and fortunately I got my items on both occasions.
    You could always contact the seller to see if everything is okay, at least she has great feedback which is a plus..
    Once my seller was no longer registered and the other time the item was removed from ebay, both times I too had also paid immediately.
    I completely understand your worries though, especially when it's an item you really want!
  8. ^^^ I agree, there is no need for panic. I've also had the same thing happen. I got the item actually in 3 days, and when the person came back to ebay, they asked for feeback. Someone who has worked hard for a good rating like that wouldn't throw it away for a few hundred dollars (consider she probably has other ebayers freaking ou t now).
  9. Well I did get my item today, but It has a blemish that was NOT described, so I hope she gets back on ebay so I can discuss this with her.

    At least I got it, but I am not happy with it....:crybaby:
  10. you can always file a claim with paypal and get the ball rolling with the seller since you can't contact her through ebay
  11. file a claim with paypal for item not as described. this was she's forced to talk to you or you automatically get a refund
  12. Thanks to the both of you so much! I will def. do this right now, because I don't want to be stuck with something I don't like.

    I did email her, but nothing back yet.
  13. I think she has 10 days to respond??
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