HELP I bought a Mid Afternoon unseen: any thoughts or pics please!!!


May 29, 2006
Hi Ladies,

I've just bought a Mid Afternoon in Blue India:yahoo: !!!
But it's my first unseen purchase !!!
I've already seen The Blue India in real : I love this colour and I think it would be perfect for me in Summer:nuts: !!! (but weird on me on winter:shrugs: ).

But I've never seen a Mid A in real so far:sad: ...just the atelierNaff pic.

Could you please tell me more about this style :confused1: ?
On pics, it looks a little bit like a Purse...
Which are the differences with the Purse ??
Is it roomy ? Does it fit on your shoulder ???
Which are pro/inconvenients of the Mid A ?
Would you have any pics to share ???

Thanks for your help Ladies:love: , the baby shouldn't arrive before 2 weeks:yahoo: , so I really need your support !!!
luvpurse have a mid afternoon!
i hope u don't mind if i post ur gorgeous bag here...
I don't own one but I have seen one at Barney's - I think it is taller than the Purse - the Purse is wider - and it has a divider in the middle and the Purse doesn't - the one I saw was in Truffle and I really liked it, kind of rugged looking where the Purse is more matronly I think - JMO :P
from paris... it sounds like it will be spectacular! I've only seen photos of the Mid Afternoon, love the shape & Blue India is sooo pretty... doesn't seem like it could be anything but beautiful.:smile:
Thank you ladies for your nice answers !!!

Sea and of course Luvpurse : thank you for the pic!!
Pinkie and Zac : I can't wait to have it !!!Of course I'll post pics !!!

Ronda and Queenvictoria :
The 2 compartments sounds great !!!
And if it looks feminine but not matronly, it's also a good thing !!!
Do you think the Mid A can fit on the shoulder like the Purse ???
I saw a mid afternoon on someone today at balny and it was a very cute size!!!! Very nice shape. She had a red color but I don't know the yrs enough to say which color. REALLY gorgeous!!!!!
Thanks Ronda for the link : I love the inside of the bag, great for Work !!!!
QueenVictoria : I agree I think it's a greige specimen
Divina : It must be a Rouge Vif since Mid A is available since FW 06...And it must be gorgeous !!!!!!
Can't wait to have my BI see what it look like ;)