Help! I Bought a Fake

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  1. Hi,

    Before I discovered this site, I bought a Tory Burch bag from eBay:

    It arrived today and is pretty clearly a fake -- the front logo is crooked, and I don't even think it's real leather (it has no smell). The interior, supposedly lined in suede, is lined with that suede-like peachskin or ultrasuede stuff. :sick:

    This seller doesn't have many negative feedbacks but of the ones she does have, she gets extremely nasty when anyone asks for a refund. I'm still going to ask, of course, but does anyone have idea of what I can say, other than threatening to report her to eBay? (Something tells me eBay doesn't much care and sellers know that.):sad:
  2. Ugh WAY too much neg feedback, especially recently. Of course it says all sales final too. That sucks.
  3. send an email immediately stating you cannot keep this bag and you will be returning it for a full refund. Don't ask tell, then go to paypal and file a dispute immeditely and state that you contacted them and they have not responded. mark the box forgery, fake item. and that will get their attention because it freezes their paypal account. good luck.
  4. Did you pay through paypal? Please tell me you paid through paypal!
  5. thanks for the advice -- I always use PayPal. I just sent the e-mail:

    Hi Elena,

    I wanted to let you know that the handbag arrived today and unfortunately, it is not an authentic Tory Burch as stated in your listing. It is not even real leather, nor is the inside suede, as described in your listing. The logo on the front is also not centered, leading me to believe it is a different bag from the one photographed.

    I'm sure you're aware that selling counterfeit merchandise is a violation of U.S. law and of eBay policy, so I have to assume you did not know it was counterfeit.

    I would like to ship this back to you and receive a full refund, less shipping. I believe it is the only fair way to handle this. If you will not agree, I will have to report you to eBay and law enforcement authorities.

    Thanks for your assistance.


    I was going to wait to file the PayPal complaint but now I think I'll just go ahead and do it right now.

    No more eBay for me, EVER.
  6. Good luck, and I really hope that it does not deter you from using eBay again. Don't let one bad experience ruin it for you! Just one bad seed...that's all. Please keep us updated!
  7. good luck I hope you sort it out easily. As SuLi says though - don't let it deter you from using Ebay - I've conducted a number of transactions on Ebay with no problems at all. It is just one very bad seed....

    Do keep all of us updated!
  8. If I didn't get satisfaction from the seller, I'd contact the Tory Burch company and give them all of her information, in addition to the F.B.I. And then be persistent about having them follow up with her.
  9. hey

    i'm really sorry to hear what has happened! :sad:

    i hope you'll be alright and that you get your money back etc....

    keep us up dated on the situation!
  10. Great idea -- I hadn't thought about calling Tory Burch directly. But of course they would want to know.

    I also read where Michael Bloomberg is stepping up a campaign in NYC against these counterfeiters by going after the landlords of the people doing it (since it is an illegal activity on their premises). The seller did put a physical NYC address on the box... it might be worth a try.

    At least I am not without options, which makes me feel a little better. I had to put the bag back in its USPS box -- couldn't stand looking at its ugly, vinyl-y self.
  11. I am getting sick reading this thread. Ebay really needs to clamp down on this. Another seller who has been highly recommended in the forum just told me that she doesn't have her bags authenticated when she doesn't know where they were purchased. If she is listing them as authentic then she needs to be held responsible for the item before selling it. I certainly don't want to receive it, take it to a store, and become embarrassed when told its not their merchandise. I say more Ebay for me! If it isn't in a flagship store or retail store it isn't for me.
  12. i agree. if i want a bargain i'll just wait for the sale in the boutiques.
  13. I hope you get your money back AND report the fake saler!