help, i bought a fake, what do i do?!?

  1. i'm sure it's been asked before but the search function isn't really working. what do i do now?
  2. Do you mean off eBay? Have you paid for it yet? Do you have it already?
  3. yes off eBay, i paid for it and recieved it. ugh i feel so stupid:crybaby:
  4. check the ebay forums--people do different things. some advise opening a paypal (or ebay, if you didn't use paypal) dispute immediately, then contacting the seller.

    if the seller isn't selling lots of new, "designer" purses, i given them the benefit of the doubt and assume they didn't know--and got scammed themselves somewhere down the line. in that instance, i contact them first, state that once my account is re-credited with the funds i paid, i will send the bag back. it may help to state why you know the bag is fake (wrong lining, etc).

    if it's someone who looks shady or has little feedback (and therefore might run off fast), open a dispute immediately, no questions asked. then tell them what you've done, and why. if they get defensive, you may want to mention that what they've done (trafficking in counterfeit goods) is illegal.

    take pics of the bag before you send it back, and DON'T mail it until you've received a refund.
  5. Sorry this happen to you. This is the exact reason why I only buy things from the boutique.

    I would contact Ebay and the seller.
  6. May we see the listing?? I'm curious if the seller guaranteed authenticity - or offered a return policy....
  7. Sorry to hear this. You need to get a mod. to move this to the Ebay subforum as there are a wealth of wise girls over there who can help you.
  8. don't worry about the lack of a "guarantee"--the seller said it was balenciaga, and if it's not (i can't tell from those pics, but i assume you can from having it in your hands), you're entitled to a refund.

    the negative feedback up top makes me nervous... open a dispute with ebay and with paypal, and send her an email. note that if she fights it you may have to have my poupette or some other service verify that it's a fake.
  9. So sorry this happened to you! I hope this gets resolved. Please keep us posted!
  10. yes could a mod please move this to the ebay forum, i meant to put it there, sorry.
  11. OMG. I'm just so sorry. That is such a fake. You can tell from the leather just by looking at the picture. I'm very sad - you should contact the seller and tell them that you had taken it to a Balenciaga store and had it "authenticated" (which of course, you haven't - but at that price, I can GUARANTEE you that it's fake).
    Next time, you need to go to the "authenticate this" on the Balenciaga area of TPF.
    So sorry!!!! :crybaby:
  12. i emailed her and filed a paypal dispute which included reasons why it was fake.

    actually i did post it in the authenticate this section and someone told me it was real, guess i should have waited for others...
  13. Have you had it authenticated by someone from the Balenciaga forum? I know a little about Balenciaga & it's possible that it's authentic. The older bags did have silver hardware & leather tags inside, and the leather was a little thicker. Since the bag doesn't come w/a shoulder strap and/or xtra tassels, plus its been used, it could explain the price. A low price does NOT automatically make it fake (I bought a previously owned Balenciaga for $350 last winter - 100% authentic). Why do you think it's fake?

    Can you post addtl pics?
  14. you may want to go have it professionally authenticated then open a dispute because paypal will only give you 7 days to get a letter saying its fake and that's not a lot of time

    contact the seller and see what she says, if she's cool, take tons of pics then send it back insured sig conf etc

    if she balks even a little, open a dispute right away

    just remember once u open a dispute and close it it cannot be reopened.

    good luck, keep us posted!