HELP! I bought a FAKE on eBay!

  1. Help me!:sad: I bought a Dior Detective Bag off eBay a couple of weeks ago and when I received the bag the lining looked a little funny. I wasn't sure so I asked a fellow TPFer and she said it was definitly fake. I took it into the boutique and the SA agreed that it was fake.:crybaby:

    So, I wrote to the seller and told her what happened and said that I wanted to send her back the bag and get a refund, since in her auction she stated the bag was 100% authentic.

    This is what she wrote back:
    Hi!My husband bought this from a very trusted seller on eBay for double what it sold for.It was a x-mas present but was too small for my needs so i decided to just sell it rather than just sit in my closet.I never took it to any Dior stores because as far as i know it is very authentic.Unfortunately,I am not able to give you a refund because the auction clearly states that all sales are final.Thank you.

    What do I do now?:shrugs: Should I write her back? I don't know what to say to her. Could someone PLEASE help me?!?!
  2. She also suggested that it was authentic in her auction. That only is grounds for a refund. Item sold is NOT as described. How did you pay her? If you used Paypal or credit card, file a dispute. Also if I were you, print out a few copies of the auction page for your records and copy and paste the link should you need it for proof in your case.
  3. Hi, I wasn't sure if you were the winner of the bag though the auction or you purchased it off eBay directly from her? It clearly states that it's authentic on her auction so she totaly lied on her auction. If you used your credit card to pay for the item you can call your credit card company and do a charge back. I would contact ebay and paypal regarding this matter right away and file a dispute. No matter what she stated in her auction about no return it's illegal to sell counterfit item in California so she has no legal ground to stand on. Good luck.
  4. Thanks ladies! Yes, I paid with paypal, thank goodness for that. I'm going to write to her and say that since she stated it was authentic and it turned out to be fake item was not as described. And if she doesn't refund I'm going to file a despute with paypal.
  5. read this thread!

    Here goes: Paypal advised me to accept the package;apparently getting money back for a counterfeit is easier (they claim.) Ans sure enough, a package arrived at my vet hospital today. And guess what was inside? A vinyl replica!

    So-my step is to email them all the ways the bag is not authentic. I think I'll start with the fact that the bad is f***ing plastic, and then I can either return it to them for destruction, or they have me take it to a designated destroyer of replicas. The bag came with a horrible odor, like someone sprayed it with fake leather spray. The Twilly box is made by someones pet monkey from Hermes store bags. I mean, really, this isn't even a good fake.

    Paypal assured me (Are you guys laughing?) that a counterfeit bag would ABSOLUTELY elicit a refund from them.

    OK-let me know what ya'll think.....
  6. Thanks for all your help. I wrote to the seller again stating that I want my money back or I'll file a claim through paypal. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens. I really hope I can get my money back.
  7. Her feedback is so misleading. She's got 111 @100% and yet you are her very first customer! I recommend you file PayPal dispute and escalate it to claim immediately. Too bad you've already submitted feedback. I've no doubt PayPal will recover your money though it may take a while. Good Luck to you!
  8. I wish you luck too! File a claim NOW with both paypal AND ebay AND your credit card company. The more claims you file the faster the process will move!
  9. Thanks for all your help ladies. This is what I just wrote to the seller:

    Since the auction stated it was 100% authentic, and it turned out not to be, item isn't as described. I really want to return the bag to you and get a refund. If not, I'll have to file a dispute with paypal, which I don't want to do, I would like to keep this friendly. Thanks.

    And this is what she wrote back:
    Hi.I did say that it is authentic because that is what i thought of the purse until you told me otherwise.I am not a Dior expert, and to the best of my knowledge, because of tags and authenticity cards,there is no way that it is not.I reviewed the questions that I received re this purse and the only question that came from you was a request for additional pictures which I provided.There was no question from you if i had taken it to a Dior store for verification prior to bidding.I also provided enough pictures of the purse to show you exactly what you're getting.I sent you the same purse that was shown and that you saw and won. I did not force you to bid on it and did not deceive you in any way whatsoever because my belief is that it is authentic.You made your own judgement by bidding on it multiple times after seeing all the pictures posted.I did not violate any of ebay's policies because i did not state in any part of the auction that i guarantee authenticity bacause i do not have any paperwork from Dior stating so.

    I tried to be nice about it, but she's just rude. So, I'm going to file a claim with Paypal. I'll keep you guys posted.
  10. You tried being didn't work. She seems really slick to me and not even remotely sorry for selling you a fake bag. They way she writes back to you makes me think she knew she was selling you a fake bag. It's illegal to sell replica bags even if you claim not to know it's replica and she is out the money not you. Email paypal and let them know that you got a replica bag and they will take care of it. If you paid by your credit card via paypal get intouch with your credit card company first and get the ball rolling there. Good luck. There is a special place in HELL for people like her! I hope she gets crabs from her replica lov'n husband!
  11. Wow, some people have alot of nerve. File your claim immediately.
  12. Selling counterfeit is illegal. Period. And she dared to say that she hasn't had the purse authenticate before listing? Don't forget to state her reply on your Paypal dispute, I hope they suspend her.

    Good luck to you.
  13. Ebay has extremely strict rules about disclaimers of authenticity.
    They'll definitely want to hear about her reply of not knowing.
    If she truly bought it on ebay and got ripped off, she'd want to contact her own seller of the bag. I think she's lying!
  14. File with Paypal first and if you don't get anywhere with them then file a claim with your CC company.
    If you file a claim with both at the same time then Paypal will automatically close your dispute and it will be solely at the discretion of your CC company and not all CC companies will take up issue with Paypal.
    Sorry this happened to you!