Help..I bought a fake fendi spy on ebay

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  1. Hi everyone...I need some advice. I just received my FAKE bag from ebay. I'm positive its not real. (it was going to be my 2nd spy) i payed by credit card thru paypal. Can someone advise me what steps to take? Do I email and kindly ask for my money back? Email her and cuss her out? Leave neg feedback? Do something with paypal?? Thanks...I'm soooooooo bummed
  2. If it were me, I'd e-mail her calmly first, requesting a full refund including teh fees to ship it back to her.
    Then I go to eBay and Paypal and file a SNAD "Significantly Not as Described".
    If she gives you grief, then escalate your Paypal claim and contact your credit card Company about it.
  3. Normally if the item isn't as described I would send the seller an mail first, but I think when you've received a fake it is in your best interest to file with paypal right away and then contact your seller. This way paypal can freeze any funds she may be holding or in the process of transferring to his/her bank account.
    Go to your paypal account and the claim can be processed from here.
    I would also send the seller an email explaining your actions. As easy as it to be rude try to stay calm and civil, hard I know.
    I wouldn't recommend filing a chargeback with your CC company just yet, if you do both simultaneously paypal will immediately close your claim.
    See how it goes from here, if paypal require you to have the bag authenticated let us know and we can point you in the right direction.
  4. thank you. Do I wait for her response to my email before filing the claim?
  5. I would probably go ahead and file the paypal claim. Adds a little bite to your bark.
  6. Does your seller have good feedback or is it a newbie?
    It's totally up to you, but personally in a situation like this I would file a claim, this is only the first step. If for instance your seller is unwilling to cooperate then you would escalate to a dispute. So basically by filing the claim you are getting the ball rolling and as I mentioned freezing any funds.
    How much was the bag and how much PP protection is offered in the listing?
    If you can post the link or item # I'm sure many of the experts can give you their opinions too.
  7. Well, it looks like if you win a paypal claim they will only protect you up to $200.

    Don't panic, though. There are always credit card chargebacks. It's very smart of you to have paid with the card. For now, file the paypal claim and let paypal do its thing.
  8. If she has the full amount in her PP account you would receive all of your money back. The $200 is what Paypal would cover if they have to pay.
    File your claim and see what happens. Glad you paid with your CC as at least you have back up!
    Keep us posted!
  9. Thank you so much for all your help. I feel so stupid. I should have know better. :crybaby: I sent her an email and filed with paypal.
  10. Oh, I have one more question. While I'm waiting for a response from the seller, do I hang on to the bag or do I ship it back? :cursing: Thanks so much
  11. Never ship the item back until Paypal tells you to do so. Otherwise if you ship it back you have no proof that you received a fake in the first place. Also, do not ship it back even if the seller asks you to do so.
  12. Hang onto the bag until Paypal tells you to ship the bag back.
  13. Heard back from seller. Said bag is not fake, wants a letter from fendi saying bag isn't real. Then she escalated my paypal dispute to a claim. Now what?
  14. She also said that all sales are final..which she stated on the auction. Does that make a difference?