Help! I bought a dyed bag!!

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  1. Hi all! I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice on how to deal with this situation. So I bought an old school MAB off craiglist, listing stated it was a stone MAB with FDL, I saw pictures and thought it was cream. Anyways, the seller stated it was in good conditions with minor signs of wear. From the pictures, it appeared all was good. Anyways, when I received the bag, I could tell something was off. I noticed all 4 handles are glued together (hard to explain, I'll show pics) so I emailed the seller... she said she was sorry, it was her first RM and she thought they should all look like that? she offered to refund me the money for handles but said it would take a few days. So the next day I went away for the weekend and when I came back, I looked at the bag in sunlight and noticed that bag is actually dyed the cream color! I honestly think it was a darker color dyed cream. The dye looks uneven and in some areas looks like it is just sitting on top of the leather, if that makes sense.
  2. I was SO dissapointed, as the listing obviously did not stated it was dyed. I emailed the seller immediately, and had to follow up again a couple days later b/c of no response. Anyways, I just heard back and she is refusing to allow a return, stating that the bag was listed as used and final sale! I don't know what to do :shame: I don't even think I can have it redyed since it has been dyed already. I really wonder what color it is underneath! Any suggestions? I will take some pics now.
  3. Post a pic, if you can. You should ask for a full refund as the bag was not grossly MIS-represented (a lie) in the listing. If she does not comply, file a claim with eBay/paypal and notify your credit card company. That's just wrong.
  4. Oh no! That is really upsetting!!!
  5. okay here is a pic of how each hande looks, it might be hard to tell with these pics because my camera battery is dead so I have to use my phone camera

  6. I think it might be hard to tell in these pics, but can you see how some areas are more matte, while others have more of a sheen to them? Also, some areas look thicker. I own a lot of RMs and none of them look like this!




  7. I purchased it off craigslist but luckily paid with paypal. The seller says she described the bag "to the best of her ability" and therefore this is not her fault and wont accept a return.
  8. ^I would file a dispute with paypal. Glad that is how you paid!
  9. It almost looks like an old school salmon? bag with that slight pink sheen to it?
  10. I can't really conclude anything because the pictures are too dark. Perhaps you can post up some detailed ones later when your camera's battery is charged? It would help us help you really determine what's wrong with the bag.

    It has old HW which means it could be an older bag that was dyed. RM has had a problem with her handles coming undone in the past (which is what looks like is happening, although I can't tell for sure since the photo is a bit blurry). The handles are an easy fix if you send the bag to RM, they should fix it for you free of charge since it's a defect on their part.
  11. I wish, there's no pink to it. And the sheen is only in certain spots lol. I know it's hard to see in the pictures, but it is easy to see the dye IRL.
  12. I will post more pics tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent everyone!!
  13. Well, it's definitely not "Stone", since that color only came with signature hardware. Perhaps it's cream and it has yellowed with age? It's not a darker bag that's been dyed because the zipper track is white. I can't quite tell from the pics. In any case, if it's grossly different than what the listing depicted then you might be able to file a claim with Paypal.
  14. The handles can be fixed by RM if they are coming undone, so you don't have to worry about that. I can't see the dye job with this set of pics, so more detailed pics are in order.
    I'm afraid that you may have to ultimately do a chargeback on your cc because IIRC paypal won't cover SNAD if the item is bought outside ebay (only INR disputes- item not received).
  15. when you say glue, are you taling about where they are sealed? b/c that's all i can tell that looks "glued" - if so, i believe that's how RM is sealing the bags since older purses were bending at the handles.

    and i agree that since the zipper tracking is white/light, that is the color of the purse.

    all my RM purses zipper match the leather. and the only unsealed handles was my MAB which got sealed when i sent it in for repair. the seal isn't pretty at all imo. not nice, clean and even like other designers.