Help! I Bought a bag... from a smoker!

  1. I just bought a Fendi Baguette on eBay and I got it today. The listing did NOT say that it was from a non-smoker home, yet it smells so terribly, that I feel I should have been warned about the odor. The bag sat in my car for about 3 hours and now my car smells terrible too! I'm not kidding.... it's REALLY bad. So I put it in the garage until I figure out what to do. I want to keep the bag, but I'm not sure I can handle the smell. Should I contact the seller about it?

    Anyone have any advice on getting the smoke smell out of handbags???
  2. some methods for airing out bags that I've read all over the place *darn search feature still not working*

    - opened ziplocked bag of kitty litter placed inside the purse and purse sealed
    - same as above using baking powder (these two substances absorb odors)
    - stuffed with dryer sheets
    - left to air outside (in nice weather!)
    - febreeze

    you can contact the seller and request a partial refund, maybe for the supplies you'll have to buy to clean it. smokers sometimes don't notice a smokey smell because they're used to it, so you might luck out and have an understanding seller.
  3. I don't smoke but I feel your pain. I used to frequent nightclubs ages ago and found the best way to get rid of second hand smoke odor is by spraying bag with a neutralizing anti-tobacco scent (Glade or some other air freshener company has them), then hang bag to dry in a windy place. Smell should be gone in 24 hrs.

    Nothing seller can do since smokers don't realize how much they stink up the place.
  4. I've also heard about putting the bag in a drawer with some baking soda...kind of the same as putting a box in your fridge.
  5. Try Bag Candies from Lovin My Bags. They're $7.95 for two. They helped me with the same situation...didn't remove ALL the smell so now I have the purse surrounded by baking soda, in my closet, and it seems to be working! Good luck.
  6. Yes, contact the seller asap. If they didn't mention the smoke, you shouldn't have to be stuck with it. Let us know what happens.
  7. OK this may sound weird but depending on the fabric you could give it a try...
    If you take a spray bottle and mix a little water with vodka and spray it. A lot of theater companies use Vodka and Water to spray down costumes that can't be washed and are only dry cleaned every so often. Believe it or not it kills the odor of sweat.
  8. I agree with photomj - I would definitely try LMB's Bag Candies!! Also, you could even try to contact Barbara at LMB to see if there is any additional advice that she could give. I would definitely try the baking soda, too!! I had never thought of that before, but it sounds like it could definitely work!!
  9. I've been burned in the past by smoky items too so I ALWAYS ask the seller if it comes from a smoking home if it's not in the description. Doesn't neccessarily mean I won't buy it, but I at least like to be prepared. I've had good luck at removing odor by just airing bags outside for a few days- it can really help.
  10. I would think that over time the smokey smell should disappear.
  11. I bought a bag on eBay that reaked of smoke when I received it. I stuffed it with newspapers and a few dryer sheets. It took at least a week for it to smell normal. The leather parts of the purse were the hardest to get the smell out of.
  12. I think you should contact the seller for a partial refund, she should have stated it in her auction. I'm a smoker myself, yet I can smell other people's smoke-odour - I totally understand if a non-smoker is unhappy with a smokey item.
    Otherwise, I think fresh air + time + the things mentioned in the other posts will do the trick.
  13. I got a bag once that reeked of smoke, I ended up stuffing it with a dryer sheet & unprinted newspaper but I never quite loved the bag enough and finally sold it.
    I think that starting my relationship with a smoky bag kind of messed the entire thing up for me.
  14. um I dont have any smoke ridding tips, since I dont smoke.. but contact the seller ASAP.. this is NOT what you anticipated in buying the bag and should have been revealed.. she should give you a semi refund or even reimburse your fees for having to dry clean the bag (oop, theres an idea).. dry clean :tup:
  15. This happened to me with a Kooba Sienna. I should have been strong-minded and sent back the bag, but it was one I had been looking for and I got it cheap. I'm going to order the bag candies. In the future I will know to ask if the bag is from a smoke free house. I got a dress once too, that reeked of a weird chemical smell.:shocked: