HELP!! I am so stuck!

  1. I sold my burberry dullfle on eBay and the seller sent the payment to an old paypal account and I haven't used that account in a long time. I put my email address on my listing and I used my new paypal account to request money...please tell me this will work =) I am so nervous
  2. Is the old account linked to one of your bank accounts? If so, it should work.
  3. you can refund the money and send her a new invoice from your new account thru the request money form.
  4. I did not accept the money ( and my account was not hooked up) because I don't know the password or email for that account... as of this moment I have taken no money from her because I simply cannot =( I sent a request money from papal using my new papal account with a different email hopefully that should work =)
  5. It never hurts to contact PayPal directly...
  6. I am doing that now.. but the stupid computer voice is not letting me get through to a service rep
  7. Paypal users are not meant to have more than one account so telling them you have this second one could result in some problems for you.

    Just ask your buyer to cancel the payment and pay the new payment request. How did she even get the old acocunt details??
  8. You might have your old e-mail address listed with eBay as your place to accept payments. That would result in the buyer automatically sending payment there.

    Check around in your "My eBay" to make sure you don't have the old e-mail address listed!!!
  9. ok i got in the old account and had the funds transfered to my bank account... but how long does this usually take and I am to understand I don't ship anything until I received payment?

    sorry I probably sound really dumb
  10. You ship as soon as the funds are "available" in your PayPal account (that's what counts as receiving payment). Don't make your buyer wait until it clears your bank. :tup:

    It is always a really good idea to clear your PayPal account by withdrawing all available funds after you receive the $$$ and pay for your shipping label.

  11. I am about to ship out the bag.. thanks so much.. I had to add my bank account to paypal and they said it would take a few days for it to clear into my account, does that sound right?
  12. Yes. I am a very established eBay seller, and it still takes about 2-3 business days for funds from PayPal to clear my account.
  13. thanks again!
  14. It usually takes my bank 2 days to transfer the funds from paypal into my account, and I do not ship anything until it clears.
  15. 2 days....I wish! In the UK it takes a full 7 days for the funds to appear in my bank account!!!