Help, I am so confused.....

  1. I just purchased my first LV....the Aurelia MM in black multi. I wasn't crazy about it at all. Just not enough ooomph for me. So I returned it and just ordered both the Griet and Ursula in Black multi to see which I like better. But, now I am even having second thoughts about the Black Multi. Why does the Multi not seem to be very popular on this board? And does it not hold up well with weather? I am now thinking that I should skip the Black Multi all together and just go with a classic Monogram, since I don't have any of those yet. Although, I do have to say that I love the colors on the multi. I need a big bag that can be a shoulder bag. Alright, all of you LV-devotees...what do ya think??? Stick with the Black multi Griet or Ursula or try something else??
  2. If you aren't feeling it then get something different - you want to LOOOOVE it.
    But the MC Aurelia is my DREAM BAG - YUM YUM YUMMY!!

    MC actually hold up pretty well - and I think the black a little more just because it's black but the white is surprisingly easy to keep clean too.
    Have you thought about white? It would certainly have more ooomph.

    Also - don't overlook black MC altogther - it could have been the colour combo - maybe you just need another combo - more pinks perhaps? ;)
  3. I love the Black MC very easy to care for...I love the black MC Griet. It is a huge bag. I hope to get the White MC MC Aurelia very soon.
  4. Is there a boutique near where you live so you can try on the bags? You shouldn't base your purchase on popularity here or any where, buy what you like. MC holds up pretty well, it's just like Mono but more colourful. I haven't seen the Griet in MC yet but I love it in Damier. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Color combo has a lot to do with it. I only like certain combos, so that might be why you're not loving yours. Keep looking until you find the one you're in love with!
  6. I adore the MC bags in both black and white, but I agree color combo has a lot to do with how much I like a bag. Just keep trying until you find a combo you love, love, love!
  7. Personally I LOVE the Ursula- I think it's one of the best bags in the MC line. And I prefer the black MC to the white- it's less common and is tad less flashy, which is nice. Plus it's a lot easier to take care of.
  8. I love MC. THey are most of my collection.I have the Ursula in white and I love it. I like the Auriela for a tote because it's less heavy than the Ursula. I think you should keep the Auriela since it's smaller than the Griet. I find the Griet huge.
  9. I think if you love the black MC then find a bag that you're happy with and you adore. I personally think that the black MC is fantastic, but I don't feel I can pull it off. I'm a dud at mixing patterns and am much better with solid colors. Find the bag you love and don't worry about what other people think.
  10. Very helpful This is such a fun girls rock!! :smile:
  11. Definately get something that you LOVE and can't be without. I love the black multicolor--- I agree with what the others said-- the color combination can make ALL the difference. If you have the chance, go to the store and try a few on, but the MC when it has pinks makes me drool like nothing else!! If the different color combos still aren't doing it for you, go for something in mono-- all that matters is that you are in love with your bag and use it ;)