Help, I am so conflicted!

  1. This may sound so completely stupid, but I am having a tough time with it! I listed 2 pairs of brand new Coach Farrah heels on eBay this week. They are green and black ( I will attach pictures) and neither of them sold. I didnt realize it but I was so releived the black ones didnt sell! I have had them for 1-2 years, and never worn them. I paid full price for them, and I just love them. But I rationalized myself into listing them becuase in two years I had never worn them. NOW a buyer has showed up that wants both pairs! I have no problem selling her the green ones, but I am so sad to have to give up the others! I am more of a shoe "collector" than "wearer", I love shoes but hardly ever wear cute ones, so all my awesome ones are in perfect condition, but I know I will probably never wear them, they are just so awesome.

    What should I do? Is this retarded? Am I just being overemotional and silly?
    8ca8_1.JPG BLACK FARRAH.jpg DSCN0570.jpg
  2. I think you should sell both pair. Why? I don't know, they are pretty but if you don't wear them, what's the point...
  3. I don't think it is silly at all. I have more than one pair of shoes that are in my closet that I have never worn! My hubby thinks it's weird, but he's not a woman and doesn't understand. I think if you like them that much, and you were not selling them for financial necessities, I would have to keep them!!!
  4. I totally understand! I bought a beautiful nwt coach vintage style bag, cut the tags off and never used it so I have it selling right now. I was really conflicted but I have already spent the money I will make from selling it so onward and upward!
  5. You girls are all right. The buyer was so sweet, and really wanted them, and so while I am so sad to let them go, I am so glad they went to someone who can truly appreciate them. At least they are going together!

    It sucks that I took a huge loss on them, but they ARE several years old, I suppose thats why. But, I am happy to have made the buyer so happy for them. I set up a BIN for both of them together, I just hope she is the one that gets them! That would be terrible if someone else got them!

    But thank you for your support, I am such a Coach fanatic, and I love to come here and see all of yall's beautiful bags!
  6. glad you solved your you can go out and buy new shoes!
  7. Now I just need to find new shoes to buy....any suggestions?
  8. sell them and buy some comfy flats!! I have lots of nice heels but hardly wear them as most of them are pretty uncomfortable. I have also seen many women in fabulous outfits wearing fabulous shoes that look sooooo uncomfortable that it ruins the "look" they were trying to achieve. Just bought a ton of great flats at dillards for 75%. They look nice, I wear them, and you could buy 6 or 7 pairs for the cost of one full price coach shoe. Here are some of the ones I bought from Dillards - they probably have a better selection in store. They were about $20 each.

    The gold flats below I got at Loehmann's for about $4.16. They are online at Zappos for 59.95 - I wanted some gold shoes that would pick up the brass metal in my coach purses. How silly is that!
  9. I am glad you made a buyer happy, but I totally understand about keeping shoes you don't wear just because they make you happy! I have shoes that I think are just beautiful and I still imagine the perfect outfits to go with them... even though I've still never worn them a year or more later! I've even purchased shoes too small because I convinced myself that they would stretch; they were just so pretty I had to have them!

    But I suppose others are right. It is better to make room for things you will use. Still, I understand your hesitation!