Help I am losing my hair, What to do?

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  1. I've been losing my hair for a while now. It use to be thicker and I had a lot more and it was long. I read somewhere that you have to lose a good amount of hair to realize it. So when I did I automatically cut my hair short because I thought it had to do with the length and the stress on my roots?(tell me if that even makes sense)

    It's been 4 months since when I first cut it and I don't see a difference in the growth of my hair follicles. I am in my twenties and have a healthy enough eating regime. So what is going on? How can I make my hair grow back faster? It use to be so pretty and long and I had so much and now I see areas where there are very small gaps. :sad:
  2. See your doctor - dramatic hair loss in a healthy 20-something is not normal. If it's falling out to the point where you can see scalp in the gaps (when it's always been thick and long) sounds pretty full on. Have you had a baby recently?

    Re: cutting hair short to reduce stress on the roots, you should not have to do this! Hair that is healthy should definitely be able to withstand a lot of length and weight.

    You could try a pharmacy and ask them if they have any recommendations, but it's probably best to go straight to the doc, as you may end up doing this anyway...
  3. what type of shampoo and conditioner are you using? If you're using Pantene, I hightly suggest that you swith to something else. A lot of people (myself included) have had a problem with losing hair while using that shampoo on a regular basis.
  4. I'm not sure what else can cause hair loss (probably a lot of things) but I know hair loss is a symptom of hypothyroidism which is not fun. I would definitely go see a doctor to make sure your hair loss isn't a symptom of something bigger. Better safe than sorry, right?
  5. 1. See a doctor like everyone mentioned. It's not normal (but depending on your age group)...

    2. I got for my mom who was having issues with thinning hair, a Jan Marini hair growth leave-in treatment. I just got it for her so the jury is still out, but the eyelash thing seems to work well for her so I find it somewhat promising.

    Please see a doctor and take care of yourself. Ensure you're eating properly too. Hang in there!
  6. stress can cause your hair to fall out.. are you stressed?
  7. I agree go to the doctor.
    I use ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm to regrow thinning patches usually along the edges and Wild Growth Hair Oil to speed up my hair growth. It's a little smelly but I love it!
  8. Do you have a problem with candida? That can cause hair loss. I was overprescribed antibiotics throughout my childhood and as a result have a severe candida problem which causes really bad hair loss unless I follow a totally sugar free diet. It's not easy to do it but hey, I'd rather have my hair. As long as I avoid sugar, no problem.

    That's just one possible cause ... there are probably more causes of hair loss than you can poke a stick at. Definitely have it checked out, but I wouldn't stop at seeing a doctor, try a naturopath. They know more about nutritional imbalance than conventionally trained medical practitioners do.
  9. Thank you girls!! I actually never thought about going to see the doctor I just thought I was doing something wrong, but I will definitely check that one out.

    I use to use Pantene as my shampoo but it was always sporadically depending what shampoo my roommate purchased. I stopped once I saw that thread but how long does one have to wait before the hair grows back from using pantene?

    I miss my long hair, I loved curling it. Boo.
  10. dont give up!! i take hair vitamins and my hair grew back..also alot of women use rogaine for personally going to try that too soon ..just bc i love super thick long hair..alot of models use it..there is a foam u put on...alot of my guy friends use regular rogaine and they a full head of hair even though they're in their 40's
  11. I have the same problem too. I am still wonder why? From Stress, By using Pantene or it is the effect from Roaccutane which I have been using for nearly 3 years back to my low 20s.

    My carpet always full of my hair everywhere and my aunt who haven't seen me for a few years also stated to me that my hair looks thinner. So sad.
  12. I had alot of hair loss and it was due to thyroid problems.
  13. There can be many causes....I also have lost some hair...
    -See your doctor. He´ll look at the "damage" and evaluate. Mine told me my hair was thin but growing back. He checked my thyroid and took blood samples.
    -It can also be an unbalanced diet, a friend of mine was drinking too much Coke ! (too high levels of sugar)

    Other than that, it´s natural for the hair to change during years, espec. end of teenage years.
    Also we lose a lot of hair in the fall and spring time.
    A growth of 1.5 cm/month is a sign of healthy hair.
    So after I made sure it was nothing medically serious, I started to take vitamins for strenghtening my hair and it helps.
  14. please go to the doc!! either your general doc or a dermatologist

    I had hair loss that started like that this summer. I didn't think anything of it. I even asked my hairdresser about it, but we figured since it was summer it was normal (I guess you lose more hair when it's hot?) then a few months later I went to a new hairdresser that noticed that I had a bald spot the size of a dime. I didn't have insurance at the time so I had to wait until two months later. I was diagnosed with alopecia and it's an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your hair follicles. my new dermatologist gave me some foam to put on the spots (now I am up to 3-4 ... two are growing together) but some are still growing so I am going back to the doc on wednesday. the worst case scenario with alopecia is that you lose all of your hair, so it is definitely something to try to catch early! I also notice my hair all over is thinning ... any time I brush my hair tons of hair falls out or in the shower. people don't believe me because I have insanely thick hair, but it used to be thicker. I don't have to straighten it any more to look nice ... before I would have to straighten it or it would poof like crazy.
  15. I would take prenatal vitamins.