Help! I am looking for this boots!

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  1. hi~everyone~
    I am looking for this boots in 37. I saw it in Chanel boutique but I hope I can find one in Saks cus I have a saks gift card. can anyone help me or recommend a nice shoes SA from Saks?? TIA:biggrin:

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  2. Those are cute! I always call Larry at Bala Cynwood, PA ..... sorry, don't have his number on me at the moment :shame:
  3. Annie.....i just bought one last week at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, CA. I also wear size 37. I just couldn't get my feet off the boots once I tried it's perfect if you match it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. The price is $1,195. I was told that this is from last season, but because of popular demand that they have bought some more.
  4. Those are hard to get your hands on! I have a friend that works at Saks and even she had to buy hers at NM.
  5. kathyann at the saks manhattan is great, she's actually a chanel shoes specialist

    here's her email,

    just tell her i gave you her email, if you email her
  6. I have not seen them at saks, but I know they are at BG right now
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  8. does anyone know the price of this boots in Paris?

  9. I got mine from Sabrina Chanel boutique Soho two weeks ago, she can find anything. Good luck
  10. I Bought mine from Kelly Neiman Marcus Charlotte, N.C., I had to go up a size, wear them everyday very comfortable.Call Kellyshe"s Great,1-704-756-3437.