HELP! I am looking for this bag.

  1. Hi:

    Does anyone know where I can find this bag.
    I really want it and regret not buying it when Coach came out with it.
    It is the Coach Soho Suede Butterfly Duffle No. 9263 and retailed for
    $378. I saw a woman carrying it once on the Subway in New York and
    was almost tempted to aske her if she would sell it to me.:sad:
  2. Have you tried calling Coachs 800 number?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I called Coach 800 and they don't have this bag
    nor do they know where I can find it. I have posted a Want it now on eBay.
    I will just keep searching and hopefully someone will sell one eventually. If
    you know anyone who has it and who would like to sell it please do let me know. thanks again, Liz:yes:
  4. Will do, I also looked on eBay and didn't see anything but I will keep my eye out for future postings. Good luck!
  5. I actually used to own that bag and loved how spacious it was. However, the applique butterflys didn't lay as flat as I would have liked and I sold it on ebay a couple years back.
  6. With older styles, I think your best bet is finding it on ebay.
  7. I've never seen that one before but it's nice!
  8. Wow! It's a pretty bag!
    What year is it from?
    I'll keep an eye out on Ebay for ya!
  9. That bag is from year 2004. It was the suede applique collection.
  10. maybe someone here will pm you with an offer! good luck!
  11. I am bumping this up because someone just bought one on ebay.
  12. have you added a favorite search on ebay for coach butterfly?

    good luck! it is a great bag!
  13. What a pretty bag! I hope you find one!
  14. I added a search on EBAY and my search expired. I have pretty much given up on this bag. I will hope that Coach makes something similar in the future.
  15. If I ever see it IRL or on Ebay I will let you know!