HELP!! I am going to Elux or LV TODAY!!!!

  1. Hello, everyone! I have a minor crisis.

    I am going to the LV boutique today to buy my small ring vernis frambroise agenda:yahoo: . However, I just called them in advance to put one on hold and they are out!! :crybaby: and not getting them back in...the SA said they are discontinued.

    It LOOKS like Elux still has them, but now I am second guessing my decision.

    Should I:

    a. order the frambroise agenda from Elux
    b. buy the black Epi agenda in store tonight
    c. buy the monogram agenda in the store tonight.

    :shrugs: Help please!!! TIA!!!:heart:
  2. Go through eLux, you don't have to deal with possibly snotty SAs and hey, you'll get what you really wanted. :yes:
  3. You should go for what you really wanted!
  4. Well I THOUGHT that I really wanted the vernis frambroise bc it is super pretty. But then I was kinda getting nervous about how high maintenance some say that the vernis line is...color transfer, scratching, etc...the mono or epi would be alot less worrisome...
  5. i would go for the vernis :smile:
  6. Thanks, ladies:smile:
  7. Go through elux and get the VERNIS!! I got the framboise small ring agenda in July and I just LOVE it, it's worth every penny and convinced me to make my other vernis purchase today, the noisette Lexington...I love it, sign up for ****** first though so you could get the $$ back. ******.com, if you're not already on there!
  8. Mines doing just fine! and it's sooooo much fun!:yahoo:
  9. Yikes!! I am sooo excited!! Thanks Lola I think that I am going to go with the frambroise! I called Elux and I have THE LAST ONE in my shopping bag:smile:
  10. Thanks again, ladies!! I JUST ordered Elux's LAST small ring vernis frambroise agenda!!! :smile: I am soooo excited!!!
  11. Ooooh, I was gonna suggest vernis before this last post, but congrats, it is tdf :love:
  12. Great choice! The vernis framboise is my favorite :love: :love:
  13. Awesome, the color is so yummy!
  14. Vernis! Although I love going to the store myself, don't settle for another item just to do so.
  15. Way to go! That is such a gorgeous color!