Help!!!! I am going crazy!!

  1. ok, so I got the rock and chain hobo from Chanel. It is my first Chanel and I am kinda digging it. It is not something you can carry on your shoulders but everything else I have is the same so I like this one because it is different.

    Now the problem is that I need a wallet. There are 2 choices:

    1.) A classic one with bordeaux leather inside.
    or 2.) A dark silver wallet with a chain.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I think the classic, as it will go with this bag and the others that you are bound to buy from now on (im learning this chanel thing is too addictive ;))
  3. Thank you, that is what I thought too. The SA is keen on selling me a 255 Jumbo in metallic black. Any thoughts on that one?

    I am sorry, I am a Chanel newbie and wondering...
  4. reissue is hard to come by expecially if they are seasonal color. met black is def. one seasonal color.

    if you like it then go for it.
  5. my vote is for # 1 :tup:
  6. Thank you graceful1! I love your bags!!! the red one is 2die4. oMg...where did you find it?

    The Jumbo seems huge to me..
  7. Thank you. I think I need to go to a store and check them out. I live far away from one to see the sizes to compare. I might need to trek to one it seems.

    Thank you.