Help...I am being so "fickle"....


Dec 22, 2007
Right where I want to be
Thanks to all who clarified the resin modern chain in my previous post. Today I bought a white resin modern chain tote (can't pick it up til next week to get Saks triple points!).

But...I am driving myself crazy deciding if I really want this or if I want the GST. :confused1: I am looking for a fun casual summer bag. The GST is gorgeous and classic, it is the caviar which is more durable and it will be in style forever. But...It is more structured than I am looking for and I would like a zip on the top. I love the white MC tote as it is a more relaxed style, I like how soft the calf skin is, and I like that it zips at the top. But, I am concerned about durability (with the white calfskin and the resin chains) and that I will get tired of this one sooner as it is not a classic like the GST.

Hmmmm..GST: classic, functional, and more durable or Resin Modern ChainTote: fun, relaxed, soft, zip top?? Bottomline, I do prefer the resin chain tote, but do I want to spend almost $3,000 for a bag that might not stand the test of time?? What do all of you chanel aficionados think? Thanks! :flowers:
Mar 10, 2006
Valley of the Sun
this is the age old dilemma....i have to say, I have the n/s modern chain with the metal hardware from 07', as much as I LOVEe it, i would sell it if something better came along, But I just got my third GST (blakc, white and now beige w/ shw) and every time i pull one out of storage to wear, I fall in love all over again. i have never and will never sell my GST's, even if I needed food or dental work and was flat broke :graucho:they work casual, dressy, over the shoulder, on the arm, in the hand, you name it.....diaper bag, with a suit......I always feel like a million bucks with my GST or my jumbo flap! good luck deciding! tough call! Gotta add, for the GSTprice, you get alot of bag for $2125!!!!


Aug 29, 2007
On the hunt.....
The GST is definetly a classic (and gorgeous too), but it sounds like you like the softer MC. As much as I like the look of the GST, it's way too boxy for me and I know it would never work. Witht the exceptions of the flaps, I like soft smooshy bags, but that's just me. Don't just get a bag because it's classic and you think you'll have it forever. Know what works for you. Try the GST on, put all your stuff in it and see if it's comfortable.

Good luck choosing, both bags are stunning!


Aug 19, 2006
I would go for the GST if you're looking for classic, function and durability. It's something you will use in years to come but I can't say the same about the modern chain tote with resin handles. With what you're paying for, I would prefer metal over plastic. However the MC tote does have an edgy look. I agree with DD101, go try on the GST and see how you like it!


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Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
Personally, I'd go for the GST -for many of the reasons the lovely gals before me have stated... and I think the GST is a bit more "classic" than any of the resin bags.


Aug 1, 2007
Coconut Land
If you're looking for modern and trendy and young go for the MC tote. If classy is your choice then go for GST! I also love the GST and on my buy list but still thinking about the color, and waiting for seasonal color. You'll never go wrong with GST.

But go whichever you heart tells you!


C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
IMO, I wouldn't go for the MC resin chain bag at all (especially after owning the original MC tote bag). Firstly, the resin chain just gets to me - the whole plastic pvc thing. I don't care what they say about the 'high tech plastic' they use for the chains because to me, plastic means plastic. :yucky: Secondly, the recalling of the previous batch of resin chain MC bags still bugs me! I can't believe they relisted another batch for this season!!! And like what you said, I don't think this bag can survive the test of time because plastic seems to be a 'trend'.

Anyhooo, that's just my personal opinion! I think the GST is still hands down a timeless classic tote bag. It's a bag in that good ol' fashion manner and it's just one of those essential tote bags you'll need in your wardrobe that goes well with anything and everything (just like a black jumbo flap), kwim? ;)

I hope you make the right choice and go with something that makes you happy. That's the most important! Good luck with deciding!


Jun 1, 2007
Definitely the GST for me. I have one and love it. I love the old modern chain ligne with the metal chain, but the new resin chain is much too trendy and I'd be a lot more worried about it breaking.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
I find my black GST to be a great "go to" tote when I need something I don't mind setting down in places like hair and nail salons or meetings at the gym for fear it will get ruined. My GST was purchased in 2006 and still looks brand new. I wouldn't take my MC tote to these places. Even though the leather is distressed and hardy, it is also more porous. I don't think a liquid spill would wipe right off the MC leather like it would with caviar.


Oct 9, 2006
I would go classic and the GST is a great and very versatile bag.

I was not loving the plastic chain on the MC tote, though I loved the rest of the bag. How does the chain feel? On me it felt flimsy and too fussy.


Jul 12, 2007
You didn't mention what colour you want for the GST, so how about a white GST if you could get one? :smile:


Dec 22, 2007
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Yes, They had a white one with silver H/w. I keep thinking that the MC tote goes better with casual summer dresses (which I live in). I know that the GST is much more likely to "stand the test of time" but do you guys think that it is kind of structured/bulky to go w casual summer dresses??