Help! I agreed to sell a bag at 250 and the BIN is 275. How do I do this?

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  1. Hello all, I agreed to sell a bag at 250 instead of the 275 current BIN price. 3 days to go on the auction and I cant relist bec i got that nasty 30 day note. How can I do this?

    Thanks :smile: :confused1:
  2. can you revise your listing, and change the BIN?
  3. This is what I would do. If that doesn't work, have the buyer pay the $375 and then send a partial refund for the difference.
  4. you could amend your listing to best offer and let them offer you the amount. or you should be able to just go in and revise your listing lowering the BIN price.
  5. Thanks. I cant revise bec of that awful 30 day rule. But I will have her hit the button and then refund 25.00. Thanks again,
  6. When she gets the invoice, I believe there is a line for adjusting the total.. Can't she just type (-25.00) on that line?
  7. yes, have them do the BIN, pay you the full price, then do a partial refund.
  8. yeah, that should work
  9. Yes. You will still have to pay the fFVF on the whole amount though.
  10. Or, if the buyer isn't comfortable doing that, then just send her an invoice from PayPal. The transaction will be outside of eBay, but you'll both still have protection from PP.