Help! I ACCIDENTALLY bought a Hamptons Book Tote!!

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  1. I'm new here, so hi! Anyway, DH had told me to choose a bag and he'd go with me to buy it today. This was HUGE because he's so cheap when it comes to anything he's not interested in! lol So I was just browsing ebay this morning and had a few auctions up on the screen while I was talking to my mom on the phone. I thought I had closed the Book Tote/Wallet/Wristlet auction and was trying to do BIN on an outfit for my daughter. Umm, yeah...wrong auction!! So I just spent $275 and don't think the tote will even be big enough for me to use :crybaby:

    If you have one of these will it hold quite a bit? I was planning to get a large Carly or the large Hamptons Carryall. I usually carry my wallet, a travel wipes case for the baby, a couple diapers, my phone, planner, a small container with a snack for the baby and a small cosmetics bag. I'm used to BIG bags and now I'm scared I'm not even going to get any use out of it and DH definitely isn't going to spring for a new bag now!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the mixup! Did you like the book tote enough to buy it? If not, maybe the seller will understand the mistake?

    I've seen the book totes and they are really quite roomy so I think you could definitely fit your kid gear in there. Those tote are really pretty and the silouette is gorgeous, so if you like it, I think it will work.

    Good luck!;)
  3. I think it can hold all your things. I've tried it before. It is roomy .
  4. hi I have one in parchment and brown (see pic)and I have recently spent a week in Melbourne for work and this is what I have been able to hold in mine..

    a large coach accordian wallet
    a large signature flap wristlet with all my make up (in the picture with the crimson stripe)
    a filofax planner (medium)
    mobile phone (nokia)
    Blackberry (PDA)
    small travel pack of baby wipes
    bottle of water (375ml)
    paperback novel
    set of keys
    100ml bottle of chanel No5
    small roll on deodorant
    large tube of jurlique hand cream
    and two muesli bars

    so all in all its a really roomy bag, compartamentalise things into smaller bags like make up cases and pockets and you should fit it all in.

    coach collection2.jpg

    I think you will really like it!!

  5. You can just try it out and if you don't like it, the seller has a 14 day return policy. Hope it works out!
  6. It looks like a fake ! Dont buy it !
  7. I just say that based on the fact that the c's are not the same on either side near the corner leather and the leather looks really dark but I could be wrong. you should ask for the serial number and check in the dd
  8. Even if it is not, you can get a new bag for that price. sorry, i know what you mean about the DH ! We must seize our opportunities while we can !
  9. I didn't think it looked authentic either, but wasn't sure. The seller has another bag listed and something seems fishy about it too. Speciafically the patchwork wallet that is with the other bag.
  10. ask seller about the mixup, you may recieve bad feedback, but imo it's better to get what you want, and have a real bag.
    contact the seller and ask what can be done about the mix up?
  11. I think I would hurry and email the seller before she packs it and ships it.. she may be understanding.. the thing on ebay is after you click buy it now, it will send you to another page to reconfirm and then you have to click that.. so she may not fully believe your story.. but either way, if she doesn't ship it out you can both agree to cancel it and I think she won't get charged the ebay fees. Good Luck!!
  12. you better contact the seller. i think it might be fake. and look at the patchhork she has up for sale, it has 3 hangtags, the patchworks don't come with a pink hangtag.
  13. Be honest with the seller and tell her your mistake. If you are not happy about the purchase, the seller can send you some kind of "backed out of the sale" form so she can recoup the fees and relist it.
  14. Contact the seller, ask to withdraw your bid...offer to pay a minimal amount for her trouble and relisting fees...
  15. Oh man, what a bummer. Your whole situation just stinks. Definetely dont pay and take the helpful advice of the others here. Just whatever you do dont get stuck with a bag your not happy with much less a dang fake. Good luck to you and let us know the outcome ~K~?