Help! How would you accessorize this dress?

  1. ohhh I love that dress, Ella Moss is fantastic.

    I would prob pair it w/ a large bangle on one wrist and then some fun earrings. It doesn't need to many accesories since it is a pretty bold dress anyways. As far as shoes go, I would say a classic pump would go best, maybe a little bit of a rounded point though and nothing too dark, I think black would look to harsh with that dress.

    Hope that helps
  2. Ohhh.... HOT dress, I love it! Probably just a simple bangle and some red peeptoes... and simple earrings.
  3. I tend to be pretty minimalist when it comes to accessories and since, as briarpatch mentioned, the dress itself is pretty bold I would probably just pair it with a pair of hot gold sandals and call it a day.
  4. How about a black leather jacket, cropped one. And a nice scarf.
  5. I like what the model is wearing. beige handbag and beige shoes.
  6. keep accessoires minimalist... Great dress... let it speak dor it's self!
  7. The shoes:

  8. I like how it's worn with nude heels on the model. If you still feel the need to accessorize, I think a gold bangle would be nice too.
  9. the dress screams wow!! i would go with a simple bracelet and earrings and that would be enough. and the nude colored shoes does match nicely! post some modeling pics when you get this dress!!
  10. The dress is awesome, I love those pumps too. so hard to find the perfect non CL nude pumps. They'll look great with that dress.