****HELP How to Win PayPall Dispute - Chloe Fake**

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  1. Helpppppp.. Same old same story, I bought a Chloe Paddington from Ebay, I thought I was very carefull with my purchase, but when I receipt the bag, it scream "Fake" to me..

    Cut my story short, The seller refuse to refund. I opened PayPall dispute case and they wanted a third party comprehensive letter.

    Where can I get these authenticate letter with reasonable price? Some services offered which I found on the net charge ridiculous fees.

    Then what's next with Paypal? how can I win the case?

    Disgusted with fakes
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  3. Also its worth listing the ebay auction and take your own photos and put it in the authenticate this chloe thread. Have lescoy and the other ladies all have a look at it and give their opinion. I beleive lescoy has some strenght behind her opinion. Im not sure why, she's well known to ebay ?? reporting all the fakes ? not sure, but a good step to do the above.
  4. Hi - please post the link to the listing you won - and also take some photos of the bag - and post on the Authenticate This Chloe Thread - we'll take a look at the bag for you -


    If the bag is fake - then EBay/PayPal will require a letter/written notification that the bag is fake. From the information I have - this can be from a Third Party - and not necessarily a paid service. However, the first thing to do is let us take a look - and then we can guide you from there.
  5. Hey, I went through exactly the same thing with some louboutins, and caroldiva is your best bet, as a department store etc will not give you written confirmation. I would also say keep checking the dispute, because the timeframe they give you for replying to them is stupidly short at times. Good luck!
  6. get some written comfimation from a authentictor and contact paypal with that. they are not expensive. also maybe post in the authenticate this chloe thread and get lescoy and the girls to check it out for you.
  7. jojo... the paddy you bought was a horrid and obvious fake. No offense to you. My point is, there are definitely folks who can help you obtain a letter of non-auth. Carol charges varying prices dependant upon how quickly you need the letter. Could be as much as $100 for a letter of non-auth if needed VERY quickly.
    I do know another person who was doing some Chloe Authentications, and I have contacted her to see if she is available. I will let you know ASAP. If you have already contacted Carol, that is fine also. GOOD LUCK with your PP claim.
  8. Hi Ellie Mae,
    Thank you thank you thank you...a million thank you for you.
    I have not contacted carol, simply yes, carol can be so expensive. I just want to minimise my loss at this point as I know I will incurred more expenses to send the stuff back. if your contact is available I am willing to try.
    I agree with you, the choe I bought is so horrid, I put it under my bed so I could not see it. :sad:
  9. Am so sorry- I do hope that you can sort this out with the good advice and help that you have had--and achieve a happy ending :flowers:
  10. JoJo.. I have heard back from my friend that does Chloe authentications, and she is willing to help, but needs an email address from you, which you CANNOT post here. You should be able to PM tomorrow, so please PM me w/ an email address if you still need a letter of NON-AUTH.
  11. jojobat01 - Hi - you are unable to PM at present - as you are a new member. I think we are able to point you in the right direction - but we need to be able to contact you off the Open Thread.

    Unfortunately you can't post email addresses openly - so if you can bear with me - :smile:
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