Help! How to undo "transfer" staining on a blush patent?

  1. I have just realized that after being in close proximity for just a short time, my navy lambskin has transferred VERY noticeable dark color onto the surface of my pale blush patent classic flap :wtf:

    I am very nervous to do anything to my patent as #1 the color is so light and #2 I'm not sure how to treat the patent safely... but does anyone have any advice on how to undo this sort of damage safely?

    Thank you in advance... I'm terrified this will be permanent.
  2. Ooopps....what abt bringing it to Chanel? I think I have seen SA put moisturiser onto patent (not sure if it is leather to begin with) and wipe with a piece of soft cloth or was it tissue? but am not sure if you ought to rish it by using this method on your precious Chanel.
  3. Thank you... I rang the Chanel store in my city and they said there there was no safe way to remove such a mark without damaging the "integrity" of the patent finish... which I'm guessing means I will wreck my bag!

    Thank you for responding though, I appreciate it :smile:
  4. Hi dear,

    cannot seem to Private Message you:confused1:. So sorry to hear that, maybe some other gals will be able to offer you some advice.....hang around and check back here often to see what they have to say....:idea:

    Dun lose heart. **HUGS**;)
  5. LulaBell,
    I'm not sure if I can be much of a help cos I had similar problem - but with my beige caviar. So I'm not sure if it would work the same on patent. But I just share my experience anyway.

    6 months ago, I brought my poor bag to Chanel after baby wipes didn't seem to help at all this time (it happened before, a colour transfer from another jacket and the baby wipes did wonder - but this time no).
    Disappointingly, the Chanel SA told me there's nothing they could do to remove those black colour transfer from my jacket (can't believe they couldn't even provide this service eventhough my bag is less than 1 year old).:tdown:

    There's only one Chanel store here so this was what I did out of desperation (I'm not being paranoid but mine was really BAD! It covered almost the whole back pocket of the classic flap, plus strap & every single corners back & the front).
    I took the shot and purchased apple conditioner (the shipping is high than the item itself!) after reading that there's a tpf member here who used it on her black lambskin. And she emphasised on the apple conditioner not the apple guard.

    When I applied the conditioner on my bag, at first it didn't seems to get rid of the stain. But it sure improved the look of the stain & condition my bag. So I re-do the same steps few minutes later.. -still the same result - and I leave it in the open overnight (not in the dustbag).
    The next day, I'm surprised all the black stains were gone!!:woohoo:
    To be honest, I was just looking at my bag few days ago and I still cannot believe it I couldn't see any stain at all.:yes:
  6. apple conditioner is good but it should not be used on patent leather....

    I know there are cleaner specifically designed for patent leather, I have one called "Vernice" that I bought online. I used it too clean my black patent leather bag, but since I never had color transfer stain I am not sure if it would help remove the stain on your blush patent.
  7. glad for u:yes:

  8. i have a black stain on my yellow patent CLs and i brought them to my regular cobbler yesterday. he couldn't do anything because the stain penetrated into the patent leather, thus he couldn't rub it off with any liquid / lotion (which he tried as well on-the-spot). i guess it would work the same for your patent blush bag. i'm so sorry that had happened to you.. the blush patent is so beautiful, it was my HG bag :s which part of the bag the color transfer went on?
  9. In that case, don't try the conditioner on your patent LulaBell! I suggest you try bring your bag to another Chanel store who might be willing to give some better suggestion - or better still, try to help do something about it.
    Good luck!:smile:
  10. Oh yes, I was lucky:sweatdrop:
    I issued a restraining order to my jacket - never again get anywhere near my beige flap!:lol:
  11. What about checking with the lovinmybags folks to see if they can help? (I have no history with them other than I purchasing some of their products to clean and protect my collection. Their website states they do restorations, etc. so it can't hurt to ask. I hope the purse gods can undo the mark.
  12. Color transfer is not removable on patent leather. Its just like LV's vernis bags. Once there is transfer it is permanent.
  13. Has it transferred underneath the patent?

    If it was a scuff or transfer that hadn't yet penetrated the patent then the stain can be removed with non-acetone nail polish remover. That's how we cleaned all of our Louis Vuitton Vernis (patent leather) bags. But Linda is right, if it's penetrated under the patent there's nothing that can be done. The transfer is permanent.
  14. I have also used white (clear) vinegar on a white cloth on patent when the stain has not penetrated, it works beautifully if the stain has not penetrated.:heart:H
  15. LulaBell - how is your bag now? Did you manage to remove the stains?