Help! How to shape the base of my reissue; any tips & tricks?

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  1. So, who out there can give me tips on how to shape the base of my reissue? I'm scared to just start manipulating the leather. Are there things I could be doing wrong? Has anyone seen any youtube video's that show the process? Should I just go for it?

    Am I only one finding this a scary thing to do? :confused1:
  2. I completely understand!! Mine was the same way and I find the more I use it, put items in the bottom and stand it upright, the flatter it is becoming. Don't worry! My SA also told me that in the boutique they put little weights in the bottom of the Reissues to flatten and smooth them out. Hope that helps. :heart::heart:
  3. Yep, just put your things in there and use it! The fold will flatten on it's own.
  4. my reissue started to sag/bow at the bottom from weight over the years. i don't know if this is common or not, but on the pre-loved market i do see a bowed base on many reissues. i use a base shaper on the bottom of mine to help keep the shape i want. i cut an acrylic template and covered it in fabric.
  5. Will it be completely flat? I start using mine after I tried to shape it a little. I can't make it completely flat but the bag can stay up on the table.
  6. I have 3 reissues. All their bottoms are flat. As soon as I got them, I gently pushed up the bottom sides where the crease is and then laid it on the counter on its dust bag.

    It did not take long at all... may be a day for it to look flat at the bottom like my classic flaps. It also helps to use it with your stuff and let it stand which is just a normal thing that you would do anyway with the bag. With my chevron reissue, the sides where not evenly pushed out so I stuffed it pushing one side a bit more than the other 2 nights and now it sides look symmetrical and rounded.

    I wouldn't worry about it. The bottom will flatten out. I store mine standing up as well. :smile:
  7. Thanks ccbaggirl89, I will look into a making/buying a shaper.
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    Thanks I will be trying putting weights in the bag. Thanks for understanding, I'm so gentle with my bags and scared to harm them :angel:. it doesn't keep me from using them though!!

    I'll do that, thanks!!

    So you've been brave enough to manipulate the bag yourself, good on you :smile:!! I asked my SA in Paris to flatten the base, but she said you couldn't do this; she said I just have to give the bag time to flatten itself and that Coco designed it to look vintage. I've got the chevron reissue as well. Nice isn't it :heart:!!!
  9. I saw my SA bend the bottom inwards- the opposite of the crease. So that's what I did to mine. Then I stuffed it and sat it upright so the bottom was flat. It only took a day and then it's been perfectly flat ever since! A few weeks went by and I decided to get a base shaper just for peace of mind and it's been working out nicely!
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  10. ddebartolo you should have made a youtube video about this :smile:. Thanks for your response!
  11. Great idear! Wish I thought of that before lol
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  12. I purchased a reissue 225 in May. I was trying to figure out how to shape the base as well. I ordered a product from Designer Base Shapers that others have had success using. Unfortunately, after 6 weeks and no reply to my emails, I had to reverse the cc charge.

    Anyway, this morning I was looking around my house for a solution to use as weights to flatten the bottom. I came up with these little sauce dishes I bought at Target in the kitchen department. I use them as ring dishes around my house. They are solid marble and very smooth. Hoping this works, but so far so good!


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  13. Thanks for the pictures! You're a genius thinking of this!
  14. You're welcome! I usually do my best work when I don't want to spend anymore money. And after one day, it seems to be working. Nothing in it, and it stands perfectly.


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  15. When I first got my reissue 227, I used Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 hardcover book and put it inside the bag for a few days to flatten the base. The weight and size of this book did a good job. lol. Then I bought an acrylic base shaper on eBay.
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