HELP: How to send a handbag?

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  1. I was wondering what tips can you give me regarding shipping a bag?

    Should I get an insurance? And how to pack it too..


  2. Yes, ofcourse get insurance, it doesnt cost that much. Maybe stuff it with tissue, put in dust bag, and in boxit came in and then put in ups or whatever box. If you dont have the box it came in pack tissue around it in the ups box. It should be fine. I have shippped tons of bags to my sister when I get tired of them, or if she wants to borrow.
  3. I would put tissue paper or air bags inside the bag so it doesn't get compacted and lose its shape. Definitely ship in a box with some sort of paper around the bag and box, so it doesn't scratch along the way.

    Insurance isn't that expensive - and you should also get a delivery confirmation which costs less than 50 cents. This will provide you with a tracking number, so you know that the bag gets there.

    And if you are shipping with the post office this time of year - only use USPS Priority. It isn't much more expensive, and it so much faster.
  4. I know this must be a stupid question: where can I get the thin paper that usually comes with the bag.. I still have it for the bag.. but I need it to go around the bag.
  5. I always take them to the UPS store (in their dust covers) the ups person packs the bag in the right sized box surrounded by tissue paper or whatever filler they deem appropriate - I don't do a thing except fill out the label - the first $100 of insurance is included - added insurance is just pennies. Probably not the cheapest way but the safest way to be sure - I have sent a few bags I have sold on ebay this way and the buyer is always pleased.
  6. How much is the shipping cost usually? Around $50? .. I think I might want to overnight it.. I want to get the replacement bag this week...
  7. I've never spent more than $22.00 (for the heaviest bag) but I always ship ground, never overnight (that's way too expensive) ground usually arrives a day or 2 sooner that than they tell you - about 5 business days at the most.
  8. Thanks Suzy and the rest.. I'll certainly keep all of the info in mind when I ship my bag tomorrow.
  9. ^^ Aren't they going to reimburse you for the cost? Is this the defective white Spy we're talking about?
  10. Yup. I sent it this morning. I dunno.. should I ask them to reimburse the cost? I think I'm too nice.. It's my boyfriend who managed to ask them to give me a store credit.
  11. It depends on how much the cost was, I think. If it was over $20, I would ask them to reimburse me (I hope you saved your receipt for the postage). If it was under $20, I would just eat it.

    I forgot to mention that I think USPS Priority(2-3 days) is much quicker than UPS Ground, and cheaper. But UPS comes with insurance so it might end up being even.
  12. I use the express.. It comes to a total of 50 bucks. I don't know.. I feel bad for my SA.. hahaha.. I know I know.. I should not be feeling this way.
  13. Wow, you used Express? Maybe it's because I am too frugal for my own good, but I wouldn't have paid more than $15 to send it.

    But if you get your replacement bag sooner because of it, it might be worth it to you. When I order things I usually choose the cheapest form of shipping, and it takes longer to get to me. I actually kinda of enjoy it, though, it heightens the anticipation. I'm kinda of weird, I know, and cheap. But that's just how I roll.