Help! how to sell LV bags in eBay as the first timer

  1. Hi everyone, pls bear with my writing; it's my 2nd language. I just found out this forum and so happy to find out I am not along to addict to the puse buying.:yes: I love bags and have too many bags (according to my standard). Now, getting old and realized money isn't that easy to save so I am thinking to sell some bags instead of giving away. I looked the eBay guides which states checking the feedback. If I am selling in there, it would be so hard for me to sell since I never sell anything before. Can anyone share her experience or any advise would be appreciated ??

  2. Just be sure to have a good description, and VERY GOOD PICTURES. Expect a lot of authenticity questions and be open to them. Good luck.
  3. Luccibag, thanks for the advice. You are the only one so kindly responded to my post. I will make sure to take a good picture and make sure that all the important information can appearvery clear thru the pictures. I don't mind the questions because my bags indeed are the authentic V bags.

    thanks again.