Help! How to remove perfume from bag?

  1. How do you remove strong smell of perfume from your bag? I just spilled some on my leather bag (inside & out) & bag reeks!!! :wtf: Help!
  2. Try some coffee beans (full beans, not the pre-ground ones) first..then if that doesn't work, try some crumpled up newspaper. They sound like weird tips but they actually do work...I hope they work for you!
  3. Thanks, Lvbabydoll! I will try it! :smile: vbmenu_register("postmenu_1469937", true);
  4. No problem! I really hope they work. The coffee beans should get rid of the majority of the smell *crosses my fingers for you*
    Oh and with the beans, just put them in a little cup or an open ziploc bag, not directly on the bag.
  5. Also, try baking soda.

    I bought a gorgeous (but smelly) 05 Chloe paddy off eBay and I locked it in a box with two bowls of baking soda, one inside, one outside. viola! Smellyness gone!!

    Good luck! :flowers:
  6. Thanks!!! :yes: Interesting!!!! How long did you leave the Baking soda with the bag for??? :graucho: