Help! how to pay seller if Paypal is limited????

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  1. Hi everyone,
    As you know from my other thead that my Paypal account is limited by Paypal...:cursing:
    can anyone advise me on how I could possibly send money to the sellers I need to pay?:confused1:
    One only accepts Paypal and is in Japan.
    Can I ask my cousin to pay for me via her Paypal account???:Push:
    I cant do money order or anything that would require me to leave the house.
    My only link to the outside world at the moment is my computer!!!:shame:
  2. ^ are you under house arrest? :wtf:
  3. Have you tried contacting the seller and see whether she will accept Bidpay ??
  4. LOL! :nuts: Nope... but I'm a stay-at-home mom and I dont have a car to drive at the moment...:rolleyes:
    I can't ask my husband to get me money order...
    As I'm supposed to be on a purse ban till June...:Push:
    but just couldn't resist a good deal...:shame:
  5. good advise... I will try to ask her. thanks!
    oh, and do I just register with bidpay just like paypal?
  6. Bidpay is very much like paypal except they send the seller a check on your behalf and you pay via your CC card. I have not used it for a couple of years but it use to be a good way of paying for things on ebay. I do not know why more sellers do not use it - I surpose like me Paypal is their first choice
  7. Thanks! sounds like a good method of payment too.
    I will definitely check it out.