Help! How to pack this stuff when I travel?

  1. I'm going overseas next week on vacation for two weeks....I want to bring my Kerastase oleo relax w/me but I don't know how to pack it so it won't all open up in my suitcase...

    Any tips on how to travel while protecting your hair products, eye makeup remover, toner, makeup etc

    or any special products that make traveling easier?


    It if it helps, I'm going to a hot, humid place
  2. I travel alot and I'm usually away for a week or two. I put all my liquids into smaller containers because I don't want the extra weight of the full size bottles and by putting them into smaller containers (3 fl oz. or less) I can put them on my carry-on so I don't have to worry about them exploding/spilling in my checked-in luggage. I bought the containers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Also all liquids must be under 3 fl oz. and fit comfortably in a clear 1 qt. ziplock bag.
  3. Yes I would get smaller containers and then on top of that, put stuff in ziploc bags. It is better since something could open while in flight. Try not to carry any glass containers either. Make sure you put them between clothing so they don't bang around so much.
  4. For my makeup eyeshadows/blushes/powder stuff i folded a few sheets of toilet paper to 'stuff' the inside, then taped the lid shut, it worked a treat :smile: my suitcase was battered as anything when it came off the plane but all my eyeshadows were fine!
  5. Ditto. Pour the stuff in smaller plastic bottles and stuff in ziploc bags. I also use a smaller suitcase for the beauty stuff only.
  6. Pretty much what everyone has said, try to dispense them into smaller plastic containers that have secure covers. If they have dont, tape the top shut so it cant open and spill and always put it in a ziplock bag or some sort of bag so if anything does spill it will stay in the bag and not get on any of your clothes.
  7. With the new restrictions (esp for longer trips) its hard for me to fit all my stuff in 1 ziploc bag (even with travel size and small containers) but I'm a bit of a product whore. Men have it sooo much easier!

    I would add to the suggestions already posted... double or triple bag. I use a ziploc bag then put that in my toiletries bag so if there is a spill it will need to get through 2 bags. I have also packed a seperate smaller bag with all of this stuff along with DH's and hairdryer, brushes, etc. It's a little excessive I know...
  8. Like the others, make up your own samples or get some from malls (or wherever). I make sure cover is on tight of course. I have a small zippered bag with clear pockets I rec'd. as GWP and throw all my bottles of samples in snugly. As far as larger bottles I put in baggies and wrap in towels and pack in between heavy items such as a robe (something that can be thrown in the wash if it leaks). I rarely have any spills or leaks. Definately look for something to pack them in. This all goes in luggage as I don't think you can carry on any liquids?
  9. I would just try to buy as many 'double duty' products as possible in smaller containers/ travel size products. Like moisturizers with sunscreen or cleansers that also tone. Maybe that means using drug store products for a week but it's not that bad.
  10. I tend to travel with full-sized products, so I usually use a packaging tape to tape around the lids of the product to keep them completely shut. Then I put them in plastic bag(s, depending on the product). I've been doing this for more than 6 years and had almost no problem with leakage. I think a few times they did leak a bit, but the stuff was inside the bag so there was no mess in the suitcase.
  11. I recently just got back from Europe, and I was so paranoid of everything exploding in my suitcase, so I just used ziplock bags. I swear I had at least 50! The only thing I had trouble with was my eye makeup remover, but thankfully it just stayed inside the bag. I also travelled with Kérastase and it was fine, but just to be sure put it in a bag!