HELP!!!How to open a PAYPAL ACCOUNT...!?

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Hi everyone...I know there is already a paypal thread but I have a slightly diff question...I set up a paypal account and I swear...I have NO CLUE how to use it...They require a bank account-Is that safe? and also...Can I start to accept payments immediately or wait till the bank. accnt. is verified...which takes DAYS!
OK ...even DUMBER question.....if possible....please dont laugh..I am computer "CHALLENGED" do you have someone put a payment in your account..Do you give them your email address or what???!!! dumb does paypal give you your money back???
Thanks for putting up with my utter stupidity...this is too frustrating!!
hi jill...yeah i think it does take a few days to set up your paypal account. you give your bank account # and then they will make two small deposits...usually only a few cents. when you get the deposits, you have to log onto paypal again so that you can give the amount of the deposits. that's how they verify your account. when someone makes a payment to you, you can send them an invoice through email. they can make the payment through the invoice. or you can just give them your email address for them to make the payment. when you want to get your $$ back from paypal, you can either have it transferred directly into your bank account (that takes a few days) or i think you can have them send you a check (also takes a few days). i usually just have it transferred into my bank account. hope this helps...
You should be able to accept payments in the meantime w/ no problem.
I have an "unverified" Paypal account which means I didn't give bank info and I still get payments on it - I use this one to accept credit cards because Paypal likes to skim all your money if you choose to accept credit cards - which you HAVE to do if you sell on eBay now.
Thanks Swanky! I feel like such a dufus!!! I was going crazy trying to figure out which account I needed...etc!!! I dont sell on Ebay...too scary...I had sold one of my LV bags to a PF member and couldnt figure out how to get the money sent from her to me...eek,...once I figure out how to set it up I guess it will be easier! I just hate the confusion!
I have to say that PayPal is great - transactions are so easy - they do everything for you - also, you can call and speak to a live person if you have a dilemma.