Help! How to make a screenshot?

  1. Ladies and gents, I need help! OK, how do I make a screenshot! I really don't know computers, so I am asking your help! Thanks!
  2. To make a screenshot of your screen, there should be a PrtScrn button at the top of your keyboard.
  3. Ok I am lost! Ok found the button, and I pressed it, but nothing happens! It is for my bro, he is on a website, and he made a drawing, but you can't print it, so it says to make a screenshot!
    So I just push it, and it makes it?:shrugs:
  4. I know only how to do it on Macs, do you have a mac or windows?
  5. purplekitty, I have windows!
  6. You have to paste it (control V) in word or something after hitting the print sc key.
    If you want to link me to it I can do it for you and crop/edit it to make it look pretty if you want.
  7. 6Ok tahnk you! I'll give it a try, and if I am still in trouble I'll PM you ok! Thank you Darwin, and everyone else!