HELP!! How to go blonde from current hair salon fail :(

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  1. Last month I went to a hair salon to get my hair blonde. My hair is naturally dark brown, and I had gone to the salon with virgin hair that had never been dyed. The salon recommended I go for a blonde balayage look, and me being the shyest person out there said “ok”.
    What happened was she bleached my ends, but not all of them so I still have lots of dark brown streaks. And she dyed my roots using a light brown dye which didn’t even show up because my hair is already dark brown. The bleach is very brassy and I hate it :sad:
    I would still like to go fully blonde, anyone know of a way to do so?
    I’m worried because she used brown dye over my roots, so I am not sure how I/another hair stylist will be able to remove it. If you have any tips or names of products I could use, I would highly appreciate it.
    I really would like to do my hair myself this time, because I’m now scared of going to hair salons. But if it’s impossible to do at home then I’ll just have to find another salon to go to.
    I appreciate your help in advance :smile:
  2. I think you need to visit a salon for a color correction. I think the fact that she used dye on your roots will make it harder for the hair to lift evenly. It might end up warmer than the rest of your hair. Going from dark to blonde requires regular maintenance. I get a gloss/toner inbetween colorings to keep the color cool and not warm/brassy. I also use purple shampoo.

    I know some people go the at-home “bleach and tone” route but unless you know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t seen really good results.
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  3. I think it is really rare for someone to be able to go from dark brown to light blonde in one step (in a healthy way). Usually from what I have seen you have to lighten it in steps over the course of weeks. She might have been trying to give you a compromise.

    I wouldn’t try it at home. This is a job for a professional. Find a good colour correctionist and go in and have a conversation with him or her first about your expectations. If they sound confident then book an appt.
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  4. It will be a process over time. You need to find a good salon. Ask around.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is going to be a long and damaging process to fix. The fact that she went over your roots with a one process. Which, why? Do you have considerable grey in need of coverage? If your hair was virgin and no grey, there was no reason whatsoever for color applied to the roots and that is absolute malpractice on the colorist's part and she has just made your life much harder. Correcting on colored hair is more difficult since they will need to lift the color out--the darker, the larger the particles, the harder and the brassier it will be.

    It also sounds like she talked you into something she wanted to do. Balayage is never an all-over technique to lighten someone several levels. It is more of a highlighting technique, and a lot of your original color was always going to be present. If you wanted a full change to blonde, you would have needed a double process, or several rounds of full foiling, more than likely.

    If you are unhappy, you need to contact the original salon right away for a correction. If they will not do it, ask if you can get an accounting of what was done to your hair during the service for when you do a consultation for a correction. This will aid them a ton since any color on your hair complicates matters.

    For a correction, I would find a specialist and really spend time on the consultation to make sure they really know the full history and exactly what you want, with example picture of your own hair before and your goal if possible. I have been through this before, good and bad (I once had to cut off all my hair after a salon over-bleached me, thanks Bumble and Bumble Uptown!) because there was no chance it could be fixed easily. I always advise people that once a job with bleach is botched once, it means you will be losing some length because of the damage.

    You will also need to keep in mind that going blonde is not a one stop shop. It takes multiple processes to lift to the correct color without damage. Blog posts and celebrities may make it seem easy, it it is a full commitment over many, many months to do right.

    For the immediate brassiness while you find someone to correct it, I would recommend a mask--the Christophe Robin Baby Blonde mask is a highly pigmented purple deep conditioner. You can leave it on up to 30 minutes, fully washes out in 3-4 washes (so about 2 weeks) so it is demi and doesn't interfere with correcting. It is one of the best non-toner correctors I have used and is easy for a first timer to the blonde realm while being very hydrating. That should help in the short term.
  6. When I went blond from dark brown, it was back in the early 2000s so I did halo highlighting ala Buffy season 1 which had my front blond, my sides highlighted and my back brown. Kept it for about a year then did the rest a gold blond which so I was buttery with platinum highlighs. To get rid of it five years later I had it all dyed dark, kept that for a year, let it grow in (reverse ombre) and then got it cut to get rid of most of the colored parts.

    If you want to go back to brown, have it all dyed dark and let it grow. If you want to be all blond, you will need to wait a few weeks and then go somewhere good and have them fix it.
  7. Oh, and make sure to do some more research on what you want. Going blonde is very complicated, and salons will try to push you one way or another, when it should be a conversation. Always book a consultation on such a big change! I know I have made that mistake before and deeply regretted it!
  8. Do not attempt to correct this yourself at home. I have seen too many color mistakes with friends and relatives doing at home brown to blond.

    Going from dark brown to blond is not easy and has to be done in stages. It is expensive and time consuming. To me it’s hard to do a drastic change with a double process color in one salon visit. I know friends who have been getting heavy highlights in a few different shades of blond and have been happy.
    Can you post a picture of what your hair color is now and what you want to achieve? Perhaps the people who are in the beauty business and have knowledge can then give you more information.
  9. You need to see a color specialist. It is definitely a process.
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  10. I have dark brown hair naturally and my hair always pulls very red/orange. I went from my dark brown to a blonde balayage and it took a good 4 or so sessions to get it to the shade I want. The process requires a ton of patience!

    Here are pics of my process.... it took a long time to achieve the blonde in the last pic. I would love to go an ashier blonde but my hair just won't do it safely. I use a purple shampoo on a regular basis to pull out as much brassiness as I can.

    November 2017:
    hair 1.JPG

    February 2018:

    July 2018:

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  11. Wow your hair grows fast!
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  12. Oh how I wish that was true! I got extensions in July :P