Help!!! How to get the smell out of Epi!

  1. I just won an LV Epi off eBay....problem is, the bag is 15 years old and smells like an old closet. I know that might not make sense, but it is kind of stale maybe? How can I get the smell out of it? I have read about baking soda, febreez etc. Any tips?
  2. I had a smelly bag also. It was so bad my sister who's not sensitive to smells at all smelled it the second I took it out of the dustbag. Heres what I did: Vaccumed it first. Sprayed Febreeze in it and hung it outdoors to let it air out. Slightly bette rnot still strong scent. I then stuffed it with newspaper, and sprayed febreeze. Smell got out. =) If that didn't work I was already planning on newspaper and coffee beans. GL!
  3. My dryer has a shelf to put inside to dry shoes and sweaters. I put that in, put the bag on top of it, and on a LOW heat I use about 3 dryer sheets and let them go for a while. Watch your heat though, then I set it in front of an open window propped open for a while.

    I bought my Mom's damier speedy from her, it was never used, but it was stored in her office where she smokes all the time. You would never know the bag was in there now!