Help!!! How to get rid the crease on the scarf

  1. I think I tied my scarf too long in my GP bag and now it become creased. Now I'm going to let it lay flat on a spare bed and see if its gonna look better tomorrow. I'm too afraid to iron it myself. Its my first and my favourite scarf :smile:
    I'm thinking to wear it as a top (with a cami underneath) to an informal wedding celebration next Friday.

    What should I do? any suggestion?

    Thanks heaps :smile:
  2. Well........sometimes the crease doesn't fall out when laying flat. Here's what I do sometimes. I clip it to a pants hanger (put thick cloth between the clamps and the scarf) and hang it in the bathroom when I'm taking a shower. Sometimes the steam helps on creases. If that fails, I usually iron it....I spray the area with distilled water from a water bottle and then press the iron to the crease. It'll come out. (and...gasp....I use the iron on the highest heat!)
  3. Just lay it flat. You can always sit a heavy book on top of it if you don't want to iron.
  4. Whwn I lived in the West Indies, (where this was more appropriate) I would fold one into a large triangle and wear it strapless over a strapless bra-this would be pretty here under a cashmere cardigan or jacket.
  5. Fold along thew original creases...

    Put between two bath towels.

    Iron on silk setting being careful around the edges and folds as that is where the hems are...
  6. me too, D. And I use an industrial iron, so the heat is EXTRA hot! The silk can take is tough.
  7. Can't you steam it with one of those steamers they use at the clothing stores?:confused1:
  8. Hai everyone,
    thanks fot the tips. Laying the scarf down doesn't help at all so I ironed it very carefully with the steam and it turn out ok. I am glad now and happy :smile:

    Thanks again :smile: