HELP!! How to get rid of glue stains?

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  1. I have the blake in white chiffon and well I never really noticed the glue marks near the zippers of the bag. Honestly they were never there to begin with. But over time they became darker and darker. I tried using a tide pen to get them out, but that didn't help much. Does anyone know how I can get them off? From the pics you can see that they are pretty noticeable and it bothers me quite a lot. Even worse is that they are TWO spots and they are near each other. I'm really cautious about my purses getting dirty, but this isn't a result of being dirty. I really need HELP! :cursing:


  2. I promise that nobody but you will notice those spots, but I can understand why they would trouble you. Did the glue penetrate the zipper fabric? If it's mostly on the surface, maybe you could take the tip of a safety pin and try to scratch it off? If you try this, just try a tiny spot first to see if it works. If you could loosen the glue, then maybe you could take a little bit of tape to lift it off. Whatever remedy you pursue, good luck!!
  3. Have you tried a really gentle makeup remover? (Test it elsewhere on the bag in a place you cant see first to be sure it doesnt do anything to the leather) I had something on the leather of one of my LV bags, which wouldn't come off with babywipes, so I used eyemakeup remover, which didnt take it all off, but made it a lot better!
  4. Thank you for all the advice ladies. I'll try all of your suggestions. Hopefully something will work. The bf noticed them and well, he's a male. lol

    Bah, I guess it's not that big of a deal .. but just hate imperfections on a 1200 purse.
  5. If it's the permanent type of glue that is typically used on bag construction, I cna pretty much guarantee that the stain will NOT come out of the zipper tape (where the stain appears to be)

    Your best bet would be to call up MJ and see what they can do