HELP How to get paint off of stained wood deck!!

  1. Me and my friends thought it would be cute to paint shirts for spirit work and we accidently got paint on my deck (we were painting otuside so as not to get the paint all over the house). Has anyone ever had this problem anyone know how to get it out?

    I alreayd tried
    Easy off Bam
    Deck cleaner
    and painting over it
    and goo gone

    PLEASE HELP MY MOM IS GOING TO KILL ME!:wondering:death:
  2. try renting a high power pressure washer from Home Depot.
  3. Worse-case scenario, if you can't get the power-washer, you can try sanding it. But, then you'll have to stain/reseal the deck, and it probably won't match. How much paint are we talking about?
  4. actually, go ahead and call the paint dept. at your closest Home Depot or Lowes, and they'll tell you what you should do.
  5. You might be stuck with it... power washers are what you use to get the deck ready to be restained/painted. How much paint is there? Is it on thick? Can you scrape it off? I dunno, my parents probably would've been mad had I ever done that, but you have to figure it is better that it is on teh deck instead of interior hardwood floors or carpeting, right??