Help !! How to fix peeling bit of Patent leather

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  1. Hi, everyone... i just received my pre loved CC patent bag from ebay today. I carefully inspected the bag and i found these... :nogood::nogood:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is the link of the ebay listing, no mention about the defects of the bag at all..

    Can i fix this ! and How???
    I email the seller photos and wanting a full refund, still waiting to hear back. I do underdtand that this is a pre owned bag but the seller fail to descripe the defects of the bag. I would not purchased the bag if i was aware of the defects. Anyhow just incase the seller refuse to refund me the money back. Can someone tell me HOW TO FIX IT?? thks guys:pout::pout:
  2. Try a Chanel boutique, they do great repair work.
  3. Oh i hope you get a refund as i would be furious. :censor:
    Email the seller and if no luck open a case as sometimes sellers ignore messages on purpose.
  4. Oh no!!
    I would def ask for a refund!
    Good luck OP
  5. Patent leather is not easy to repair. Unless the price of the bag was low, I would try to return the bag. Good luck! :smile:
  6. I fwd the same photos to the seller and their reply was, the defects was so small cannot see on the photos...Umm, well everyone here can see it !!! anyhow i am in the middle of trying to slove the problem with the seller, still waiting to hear back from them. If we cannot agree on the solution i will get ebay and paypal open a case against this seller. I'm truely love this bag and understand that it is pre owned but i cannot accept that this bag is defects and was not told the true condition of the bag.. will let everyone knows later on what's happening with my case..thks guys
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    No the seller should have written the defects in the description. He/she is just making excuses. Peeling should have been clearly stated and the bag is not in excellent condition. As this seller has over 50 bags they could have just copied and pasted the description's maybe the same for some of their bags saving them time and not looking properly at the bag itself to describe the actual faults.
    If they are too small to see on poorly taken photos then thats no good thats probably why you couldnt see the faults. So i think you have a good case here and hopefully you will win and receive a refund. Let us know what happens. Its lot of money to pay for something that is wrongly described.
  8. Thank you, I am trying to discuss this matter with the seller, still waiting for a reply..
  9. Thks again, i truely hope that i can get my money back...
  10. Your :welcome:
  11. The seller agreed to give me back a full refund, I need to return the bag and he/she guranteed me that once they receive the parcel.. They'll issue me a full refund. We both parties agrees to have a case open via paypal, so we can protected ourselves as a seller and a buyer as well. I did asked the seller to issue me a full refund with PayPal before I post out the bag but they want to receive the bag before they give me back the money so having a case open will protect both parties. Well, I hope for the best.. the story is not end yet until I get my money back..
  12. Thats good to hear and hopefully you will now receive your money back.:yes:
  13. Thank you :smile: i'm not sure! should i start looking for a new bag ...just yet?
  14. No wait for the refund 1st as sometimes things in life are unpredictable and you dont want to tempt fate as i say.;)
  15. True and true...I should wait a while. I can use either GST or Jumbo flap for now.:biggrin:
    Thank you again for talking to me..