HELP! How to clean this bag...

  1. I just bought a MbMJ Turnlock bag and already I got so many stains on it I don't even know where they came from! I was so careful too... And it's only been a week or so! :crybaby:

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of oil-like stains?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Pics?
  3. what color is the bag?
  4. It's black... it's not super noticeable since it's relatively dark, but there's this one blotch that's pretty big! Anyone have experience taking out oil stains?
  5. could you take it to a professional leather cleaner?
  6. I just asked my local cleaners and they said that oil stains in leather is hard to remove...

    Has anyone tried any cleaners that worked on oil stains?? I'm so sad that it's only been a week and I already have stains on this bag.

  7. Maybe buy some conditioner and darken the rest of the bag with the conditioner?
  8. oil stains are very difficult to remove.. I heard that as soon as you get the stain, immediately put corn starch on it to absorb the oil. If it's an older stain, use the corn starch, but heat the area with the a blowdryer or heat lamp to help move the oil into the cornstarch.
  9. ^ Thanks so much for the tip thithi! And thanks for the suggestions Luna! I'm actually considering it because I want to treat it with something to protect it as well.

    I'm just so surprised to see these stains because I am so paranoid about getting my bags dirty... I was so horrified to see these stains on my beautiful new Teri!

    If anyone still has the tags/cards to the Teri or any of the Turnlock line, does it say anything about caring for the leather? Just for future reference.... I'm really tempted to put something on to protect it now because I was told by the MJ people that the leather on the Turnlock line is unfinished!!
  10. ^^ I have my card at home, I'll read it when I get home, but I think that it mentions color transfer and then that there will be variations in the leather.

    But I did spray something on my Firebird Tina when I got it. I was scared it would darken, but it only darkened initially... and then went right back to the way it was.