HELP!!!! How to clean suede boots?

  1. Im sooooooo mad right now!
    I left my newly bought of brown suede boots on the area rug.
    I woke up this morning to find that there is this funky smell coming from the boots. I turned the lights on to see why.

    Lo and behold, it was PISS stains.

    my boyfriend's dog PISSED on my boots!!!!

    I know it was dog piss because he pissed on my socks before, so i recognize the smell.

    Im so mad right now. I dont know how to get the smell out! I tried liquid dish washer and a old toothbrush. I tried that 5 times!!!! Nothing is working. Please, can someone give me some advice on what to do!??!??!

    any advice is appreciated. TIA!
  2. Oh jeez :Push:

    The only thing that I know that will get that smell out is one of those enzyme cleaners you can get at the pet supply store but I don't know how that would affect suede:confused1:. Maybe try it on a small inconspicuous area? Good luck!
  3. thanks kate. Im right on it!
  4. I would take it to a cleaner that specializes in leather and suede cleaning--they might have some really good tips or types of products available to help you clean up the boots.
  5. ^^ ITA. Also mention what you've tried so far and how often, as that can affect how they will decide to clean.